Charlene and the X-Pro 1, 2, 3 !

Charlene and the X-Pro1 at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 2012. We both just bought our X-Pro1 cameras a few months earlier in the year when the camera was released in May 2012!

Charlene Winfred is an absolutely amazing photographer and official Fujifilm ambassador. By some crazy cosmic miracle, she is also my magic better half as readers of this blog probably knows. No, I don’t know either how I got so lucky! Fujifilm just announced a new camera, the X-Pro3, and Charlene has been one of the very select few chosen to use a pre-production model for months and test it and make pictures with it. And a movie. The movie! Charlene asked her colleague, Iraqi filmmaker Ihsan Ibraheem, if he would make the movie featuring her and the camera. I could go on and on about how many times I have watched this, how I cried the first few times I saw it, how amazing a job that Ihsan did. One-man Hollywood production machine, he did everything, it is so incredible! BUT – you need to watch it! Cast it to the biggest screen and sound system you have and press play on the movie below. Then, see Charlene’s blog post for her pictures and for the making of the movie.

Direction, Cinematography, Edit, Grading, Audio engineering: Ihsan Ibraheem

Read Charlene’s full blog post, Meeting the Titan: The Fujifilm X-Pro3

Read about the making of the movie on her blog.

Charlene and the X-Pro cameras

Yeah so this lucky old bugger has just been lucky enough to actually having been part of the entire journey with Charlene and the X-Pro cameras traveling around the world for yours. From X-pro1 in 2012, X-Pro2 in 2015 and now X-Pro3. She and i, Charlene and the X-Pro cameras, we have all been through a lot together! Here are a few snapshots from yours truly.

Charlene and the X-Pro1 standing inside one of the huge dishes at Very Large Array, New Mexico, 2012. Yes, we got a private tour of the VLA!

Charlene and the X-Pro1, Fez, Morocco, 2013.

Charlene and a pre-production X-Pro2 in Colombo, Sri lanka, late 2015.

Charlene and the X-Pro2 in Guanajuato, Mexico, 2016. Yup, that is the infamous 35mm 1.4!

You want documentary photographer EPIC awesomeness? !!!!! Charlene and the X-Pro2 in Guanajuato, Mexico, 2016.

Charlene and X-Pro2 on the tram in Belgrade, Serbia. 2016

Charlene and the X-Pro2 looking epic in epic Canyonlands, Utah, USA. 2016.

Charlene and the X-Pro2 in Tampines, Singapore, 2017.

Charlene and a brand new graphite X-Pro2 and as always, she attracts epic light! Farsø, Denmark, 2017.

Charlene and the graphite X-Pro2 being epic again in New Zealand, 2017.

Charlene and her graphite X-Pro2. Farsø, Denmark, 2018.

<3 you

….I have not actually yet made a picture of Charlene with the X-Pro3, so that will be for an upcoming blog post!


Screenshot of a Fujifilm presentation – yup, that is Charlene’s crazy good image on the flipscreen!

PS. Coolest damn thing ever! One of Charlene’s amazing pictures has been used every time the new flipscreen on the X-Pro3 has been demoed – see above. If you go to the X-Pro3 product page and scroll down, there is a point where the scrolling stops and you are now flipping the flipscreen open and closed with your trackpad/phone. That is Charlene’s insane picture on the flipscreen, and this is so damn cool I must have flipped that screen open and close 100 times now!  

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  1. I miss being on the road.

    I miss being on the road with you.

    I miss you.

    Too much.

    (Meant to comment on this when you wrote it, but forgot.)

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