School of X – Hotel Cecil

I first photographed School of X (Rasmus Littauer) and his band way back in September 2016 at what was (I think) his first show ever, at a Red Bull Sound Select event. I really liked his dreamy and diverse sound universe and have followed him since, and photographed him again last year in Copenhagen. Checkout the new School of X album Destiny, recommended.

This time I had the pleasure of following Rasmus and band during the setup and rehearsals in the afternoon, and before, during and after the show. I always prefer to tell the whole story of the day, and if possible this is how I would always work with every band I photograph. Being part of the whole day means I feel in the groove and in sync with everything, enabling my pictures to sometimes find a deeper level of storytelling instead of the more pure “registration of event” that happens when you only have the 3 first songs. Since 2016 I have also come to know Rasmus’ brother Simon Littauer (who is also in the band) and photographed him many times as a solo artist with his modular techno gigs. Light-guru Jannik Jensen (that I know from The Minds of 99, AV AV AV etc.) was in charge of lights so it was a great family feel to hang out the whole day. I have to be able to make pictures in all kinds of concert conditions, and I can, but I so love it when I get to really flex my storytelling creativity for a whole day, feel comfortable and be part of the crew. Documentary photography requires time, access, trust.

This was absolutely the best concert I have heard School of X play, superbly played in front of a crowd where most people seemed to very dedicated School of X fans. A wonderful day, and exactly the sort of day I love documenting as a music documentary photographer.

All pictures made on the new Fujifilm X-T4 camera.

School of X – Hotel Cecil, 28 February 2020 – Gallery


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