Simplr F1 camera strap – simply my favourite strap!

The castor gray Simplr F1 strap on one of my silver Fujifilm X-T3 sitting on my portfolio magazine.

A few years ago I wrote a review of the Simplr M1 camera strap. I really liked it and used the M1 on my cameras for a long time, but I did not really have any use for the quick release. Fortunately Simplr Straps answered our wishes by making the Simplr F1 strap! The F1 has no quick release and so is even simpler and even better for me. I have been using the F1 models for more than a year now, for hundreds of concerts and festivals and I am never using any other strap – this is absolutely my perfect camera strap! A few days ago Jason from Simplr Straps very kindly sent me 2 x castor gray F1 straps for me 2 x silver Fujifilm X-T3 cameras. Behold the beauties!

  • The strap is so lightweight you barely notice it. It does not get in the way, it is soft and folds up to take up no space in my camera bag.
  • The length of the strap can very quickly be changed allowing me to go from a short strap and one camera hanging off each shoulder to long straps, wearing it sling style – great for walking or carrying heavier lenses. Check this video from Simplr out on quickly changing the length.
  • It is super strong. Your body and or anything else is going to break before the strap or the split rings do.
  • Speaking of the split rings, they can be a bit difficult to get on especially if you are like me and have lost those small black plastic wedge tools that came with your Fujifilm camera. But this is because the split rings are so tough, they will never break, nor get ‘lazy’ and not stay shut.

It simply does what it sets out to do and it does it really well – it is a no frills, simple and strap that never gets in my way, but gives me that great feature of quickly changing the length. Perfect for my style of work!

Due to the current virus situation I have nothing but time so I spent a while setting up this village-idiot-selfie-product shot! Enjoy 🙂

On the left we have village idiot with 2 x shortened straps, the way I use it at gigs. On the right we have village idiot with a long strap, sling-style, perfect for heavy lenses!


DISCLAIMER: Simplr Straps sent me these straps to test and use if I liked them, no obligations. The straps were supplied by Simplr but the opinions are entirely my own. I have been using Simplr Straps on all my cameras since late 2017 and I would not still be using it at all if I did not think it was a really great strap. Thank you Simplr Straps for the support and the great camera straps!

4 Comments on “Simplr F1 camera strap – simply my favourite strap!”

  1. I like the simple design and the grey color on this one. I’ll be adding one to my collection of never ending straps 😉

  2. I have the Simplr F1 on my XT3 and the thing I like most is that is is so comfortable and light. It gets out of the way and you don’t even realize it is there. Excellent product!

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