Foto af Flemming Bo Jensen

Holy bassline Batman this was a fun night. Farveblind is a Danish electronic act, and they kick ass. In a total punk rave kinda way with so much energy, such a total atomic bomb blast of energy – and they are having an insane amount of fun too and so are we, the crowd. This was my 3rd time photographing them last year and the best one too. What a riot of a night back in November 2019.

Farveblind is very much their own unique cocktail but I hear a lot inspiration from some of my very favourite 90s electronic acts – Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. I discovered Farveblind one year ago when they blew the roof off the GAFFA Award 2019 with this crazy live performance! and I was instantly hooked. The energy, the mad energy! Love it. Now, put Farveblind – Bad ft KillASon and Jewels ft Paul Stephan on repeat and rave to my pictures (and forget about the outside world for just a bit).

Shall we blow thy roof off?

We will, but first, some air keys!

And some wax on wax off moves!

Magnus here is doing the normal thing here when you have your “ears” on – shout like crazy haha!

We have arrived! Your venue may not survive!

Jens punishing those drums

And they are just getting started

The rave is on

Magnus punishing drums!

Alex Vargas joins in the fun!

Alex Vargas made a great guest appearance

and Alex took it to the crowd!

Did I mention ENERGY?

Selina Gin blows away the crowd on her guest appearance

Selina Gin blows away the crowd on her guest appearance

Feeling it!

Want to turn it up a notch?

This one goes to 11

Told you they could turn it up to 11!

Magnus taking it to the crowd!

This is my favourite part, when it almost disintegrates into mayhem, rave and chaos!

The rave gods have me!

Rave Buddies

Lets do this again soon!

The Farveblind Trio – coming to a rave near you


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