The Minds of 99 live at Dodekalitten vinyl release

This The Minds of 99 vinyl release is a dream come true for me. And a wonderful Christmas present from the band, that brings back memories of a day back in August 2019 that was pure magic: The Minds of 99 live at Dodekalitten. Thats my portrait of one of the 12 meter tall statues at Dodekalitten on the cover and my picture of the band on the insert, with outstanding design by Danni Riddertoft. That is a dream come true, I’m really proud and humbled. And it inspires me to try and be legendary every time I get a chance to document my favourite band. I’m also lucky enough to have a special marble print version of the vinyl, that just looks insane! Thank you so much Minds and Ole Nørup!
I can’t wait to document Minds again hopefully soon and be as legendary as I possible can be in 2021. Bring it on. Gallery from Dodekalitten is here.

The insert features one of my band pictures.

The original used for the insert and it is one of those rare almost perfect band pictures where everyone is doing something awesome and no one is obscured (save for one damn microphone over Jacob’s face!)

The original image of mine used for the cover.

The extremely limited edition ‘marble’ vinyl edition that I am honoured to own.

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