Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was definitely a Christmas unlike any other due to you-know-what. I spent it with my nearest family, mother, brother, sister and nephews in a summerhouse in the northern part of Jutland, our country so to speak, where we are from. But for just a few days we actually managed to have a wonderful Christmas, isolated from the world in our summerhouse. For that we are very grateful. The summerhouse was next to Limfjorden so I took a lot of walks and by some Christmas miracle we had 2 full days of sunshine. I made a few random pictures. I hope you are all ok, keeping safe and had a nice Christmas. Let us hope we get a better 2021.

Me and my shadow

The summerhouse

Seeing the sun for the first time in all of December called for some cliche shots!

Sun and sky! Miracle!

Sun sun sun!

Christmas ball selfie – I plan to do a workshop of how to do this. Sign up now!

Sun and green fields! Hardly looks like the 24th of December but it was

Sønderup – the village where I went to school. I grew up on a farm outside this village but went to school here along with 65 other kids…in the entire school!

My old primary school – now shutdown and just empty, like a ghost school.

Just enjoying these gorgeous Christmas days

Taken at the blue hour which happens around 3.30pm during Winter!

It has been a while since I have seen the sky. It made Christmas day extra special.

Sun. 2 days of actual sunshine. Lets hope 2021 brings more sun, more hope.


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  1. Sometimes I think that the middle of Germany was moved somewhere to the far North in a way that is unnoticeable for the people. This “sunny” December and you-know-what is a tough combination. That’s why it is so touching to see your photos of the sunny sky in Denmark and feel this story. Great feeling!

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