The World from My Front Window

The World from My Front Porch is a remarkable photobook by Larry Towell (fortunately I bought a copy about 10 years ago, it is now out of print and expensive). I do not have a front porch, but since the middle of December I am living in an awesome, small studio flat in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen (somewhat akin to winning the Lotto, finding a flat like this in Copenhagen and I am very grateful). So, no front porch, but I do have one helluva interesting view! My flat is on top of a supermarket (shopping during lockdown has never been easier) and overlooks a big car park where I have this massive 180 degree unobstructed view. My cameras do not see a lot of action during our current lockdown, but at least I have a great view of the world to document. In the time I have lived here, I have had Christmas tree sellers, replaced by fireworks sellers, replaced by a COVID-19 quick-test trailer! Add snow, fog, sun, rain and The World from My Front Window is quite interesting. This will be my ongoing daily documentary project, here is a small taste from my first 6-7 weeks.

The World from My Front Window

The Christmas Tree sellers were my favourite

Santa has been inflated, it is 9am and we are open for business

I think fireworks should be made illegal. It made for a strange view, and I missed the old Christmas guys and inflatable Santa.

Anyone remember John Carpenters The Fog?

Frederiksberg is for the most part, a pretty fancy part of Copenhagen. This view though is different, has to be one of the messiest and weirdest in Frederiksberg. I like weird!


Go away snow, no one ordered this.


My window is 3.5 meters wide and I decorate it with books and records. And cheap lights.

There is a Supermarket in the ground floor + a lot of other shops so there is a big facility for trash and recycling just down below. The guys in blue meet early in the morning and friends from the hood come to drink coffee.

I feel like my window is the viewing platform from the great scifi movie Sunshine.

Now I have my own covid test center, very convenient!

Yes, in the morning this is definitely a great viewing platform for a sunworshipper.

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