2021 and my brand new website is live

Since you are already on my site, maybe you already noticed – or if you landed here via a link, then go explore my new site! It happens once every 5 or 6 years, the previous site was from 2015 and was highly overdue for a refresh and fresh start. Having a WordPress site with 700+ blog posts and 6GB of media files means building a new site is a bit of a pain, although in the end it worked out a lot easier than I feared due to new fast servers on Godaddy and the stability of the latest versions of Duplicator plugin. Read on for more details about my new site.

Highlights & details
  • New minimal design built in X Theme. My previous many sites have been on black or dark background so this time I made it all white for a change.
  • Much faster site due to combo of X Theme, W3TC plugin and Cloudflare CDN.
  • Frontpage with a small live music portfolio – updated
  • Updated Live Music and Event Photography portfolios under Portfolio menu
  • Articles features my entire 700+ blog post archive going back to June 2007.
    Articles has a submenu making it easier for you to access:
  • Nomad Life is a huge page featuring curated travel stories – check it out!

One huge advantage of the new site is I can finally use the new WordPress block editor to write posts and this might actually mean I will get to writing more as it is so much better than the old editor. It also enables totally awesome full width breakout images, and I going to end with one of my favourite pictures I have made recently. This is Danish band Jung playing at Roskilde Summer Days in early July 2021 and one of the very first stand-up and move freely concerts for 18 months! As you can see it was an incredible feeling for every one. I need to blog about this, for now I hope you enjoy the new site!

Jung at Roskilde Summer Days 2021

2 Comments on “2021 and my brand new website is live”

  1. Well done!
    I really like the “small live music portfolio” in the homepage; it would be great if it showed new (random) photos.

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