Hiding a well

“One is a little bit alone in the desert. One is also alone among others.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry The desert can be timeless, like staring at eternity. Escape … Read More

Inspiration Fueling Creativity

Is inspiration killing and eating creativity? An interesting blog post from Owen Shifflett a month ago fueled a great debate. Chase Jarvis agreed. David duChemin defended inspiration. My thoughts on … Read More

It Is the Future You See

The launch of my new Escape in Landscapes website: www.FlemmingBoJensen.com went extremely well. I am very happy with the feedback and extremely happy with the result. One giant project off … Read More

Liftoff! My new website is in orbit

At times it seemed like a mountain too steep to climb, a rock too heavy to push. Five hundred hours of design, programming, developing, adding images, redeveloping old images, writing … Read More