It Is the Future You See

Yoda-web-blog The launch of my new Escape in Landscapes website: went extremely well. I am very happy with the feedback and extremely happy with the result. One giant project off the ground, so here’s a glimpse into what is coming up on the blog and my website. In the words of Yoda, "It is the future you see".

  • This blog will be moved in the coming weeks, and integrated into the design of my new website. Hopefully Murphy and his law will look kindly on this.
  • I will be writing a series of Gallery Presentations and tell the stories behind my main galleries.
  • A few videos and the stories behind them may make their way to the blog as well. Actually, very soon.
  • Several new images still to come as I dig a bit deeper in the thousands of images from Nomad Photographer Part I.
  • And of course, don’t worry, the stories behind some of the new images are coming! I am thrilled my stories are liked as I have discovered they are incredibly good stress-relief and fun to write. So I have engaged story telling hyperdrive again, pedal to the metal, well no, but music to the max and pen on paper (yes, most stories are written on paper, works a lot better).

Designing my website, the creative process

website-200A few more words about the design process, a great co-operation between me and Jesse Speer. I chose to involve no one else, I went by my own instincts completely throughout the whole design and programming phase. I poured my heart and soul into this process and wanted no one to interrupt the flow and creative process. Actually no one has seen the website before the launch two days ago and it was a bit nerve wracking launching it. Fortunately, this is one ship that appears to fly not crash!

8 Comments on “It Is the Future You See”

  1. Mate you should be very pleased. I really like the website and how well it works and the simplicity of Navigating around it.

    I wonder if it would be feasible for these guys to put my new website together?

    Drop me an email with your thoughts and an indication of costs if you wouldn't mind.



  2. Great site Flemming, you do write a bit don't you? I'm not much of a creative writer, more of a creative bullshit artist! I wish I could express myself better in words but I didn't do too well in English. I just like looking at the pretty pictures!

    1. Thanks very much Christian. For a bullshit artist you do quite well mate 🙂 And yes I do enjoy the writing very much. Just think of the adventures I shall pen in PNG 😀 But you are welcome to skip the text and head straight for my pretty pictures!

  3. Loving the new site Flemming! really slick and simple. complements your shots perfectly. Great to finally see the shots of the US too. You have some gems from antelope..maybe your ghost shot will rival peter liks and you will be rolling in cash and starring in an american tv series haha!

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