Coffee and Magic – We Make Websites

Charlene and I started the company Coffee and Magic. We Make Simple WordPress Websites – built using coffee and magic! We just completed and launched the website for our first … Read More is now live

For the past 6 weeks or so I have been working many hours on creating a website for my dear friend and Australian photographer True North Mark and uploading all … Read More

It Is the Future You See

The launch of my new Escape in Landscapes website: went extremely well. I am very happy with the feedback and extremely happy with the result. One giant project off … Read More

Liftoff! My new website is in orbit

At times it seemed like a mountain too steep to climb, a rock too heavy to push. Five hundred hours of design, programming, developing, adding images, redeveloping old images, writing … Read More

Coming soon to a galaxy near you

Houston, start the countdown. We are almost ready for launch: My entirely new website is nearing launch. New design, new images and new features. The very best of my fine … Read More

Website updates and new biography

I recently did quite a few updates on my website, new features are: New elaborate About page featuring statement, vision, biography and equipment. Thanks to my friend Signe for helping … Read More

New blog design

You may already have noticed something is different. The look of my blog here on is being changed to reflect the new design of my Photography website. I’m not … Read More

Shoot photos high and low

I’ve loaded the 3108 Australia RAW files in Rawshooter Premium on my graphical workstation at home (oh how nice is it to work again on a super fast PC with … Read More

New design on my website

Well…not entirely new design, “slightly altered design with new elements” may be a more fitting but also a less interesting headline I reckon. I redesigned the header graphic and added … Read More