Recommended Reading and Reviews

I have recently added a few more pages to my blog. ‘Recommended Reading’ and ‘Tests & Reviews’. I love writing posts and would update every day if I could justify … Read More

Inspiration Fueling Creativity

Is inspiration killing and eating creativity? An interesting blog post from Owen Shifflett a month ago fueled a great debate. Chase Jarvis agreed. David duChemin defended inspiration. My thoughts on … Read More

Escape in Landscapes – New Blog Home

Welcome. I trust you were redirected here safely through the hyperjump, this is now the spaceport of my blog. My previous blog has been moved, the home of my … Read More

It Is the Future You See

The launch of my new Escape in Landscapes website: went extremely well. I am very happy with the feedback and extremely happy with the result. One giant project off … Read More

100,000 views – thank you!

A few days ago it appears the hit counter for my blog passed 100,000. It is just a number but still, a good time to thank you all for following … Read More

A month in upside-down country

I am just a few hours away from jumping on the Metro train to the airport and initiating the rather long line of events that will eventually see me touch … Read More