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Welcome. I trust you were redirected here safely through the hyperjump, this is now the spaceport of my blog. My previous blog has been moved, the home of my words and images is now: Use the links on the sidebar for RSS or email subscriptions and let me know if you run into any problems.

Blog design and features

new blogMy blog is something special for me and I had fun doing this blog design myself. It is thrilling to have my own blog with full control and all the plug-ins I want. I even feature an Iphone friendly blog theme for smart-phone browsing. I am no designer so let me know what you think and I am grateful for any reports of space monkeys in the system. The hyperdrive is repaired but as always, can be bumpy!

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    1. Thanks much 😀 Yes, had to change it completely to try and match it with the general site design. Unfortunately all this text on the 'desert floor' background was too chaotic so had to do a solid background for the blog itself. Try browsing it on a smart phone, it's quite cool!

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