Clouds I could touch

Foggy conditions are magic for landscape photographers; hard to predict but when you’re lucky enough to catch it in just the right place and with just the right place you … Read More

Two Toned World

I love black and white photos and Ansel Adams is one of my heroes. I don’t convert a lot of my own stuff to black and white though, my own … Read More

Chasing and photographing a Snow Storm

A scene from the life of a stormchaser / photographer… “Did you catch anything today? by the way why are you soaking wet?” “I caught myself a storm, about thiiiiiiiiis … Read More

Your 3-legged friend the Tripod

Tripod is not only a very funny Australian comedy trio but it’s also an essential tool for getting the best out of your camera and lenses. Of course you need … Read More

One desert for me please!

I travelled in Oz years ago with a Swiss woman who always got the words “desert” and “dessert” mixed up. So in a restaurant we would be having “desert” and … Read More