Hi, I'm Flemming Bo Jensen

I only come out at night! I am a professional music photographer and official Fujifilm ambassador from Denmark. Music, especially electronic music, is a big part of what makes my heart beat, and being able to combine music and photography is a dream come true.

I am also the author of the ebook Get In The Loop – How To Make Great Music Images. Learn more about me.


Latest blog posts

Bas Under Buen Tour 2017

I have photographed the Bas Under Buen event by the Ohoi! crew every year (except 2015) since 2012 and have blogged about it before. I will refer to my posts...

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Strøm festival + running the Phototeam – can I do this forever please?

I have been fortunate to be the photographer for the electronic music festival Strøm since 2012 and it is by far my favourite festival in the world. Not only are...

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