powderfinger-dreamy-days.jpgGot this in my mail today: The new CD “Dream days at the Hotel Existence” from Powderfinger, one of my favourite bands. Been on repeat for the past few hours and it’s highly recommend! Powderfinger are from Brisbane (Australia of course) and I was hoping I might be lucky enough to see them live later this year. No such luck though, they’re embarking on a huge tour with Silverchair but I won’t be able to catch them, our paths will not cross unfortunately. Oh well, at least the cd rocks!

I smashed the mirrors just to look what’s behind
Picked through the pieces just to see what I’d find


One thought on “Dreamy Days have arrived at my hotel

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  1. Bernie Kasper 14 years ago

    Very nice work here, you have a great sense of color and how and when to use it.