Super Wide Panoramas

Sorry for neglecting my blog and not uploading any new photos to my website, this flu virus has really taken it’s toll.

I did get around to stitching a few panoramas and that brings me to a problem with display very wide (more than 4:1) panoramas online. My “standard” aspect ratio photos I upload at 800 pixels wide/tall whereas wide stitched panoramas I upload at 1000 pixels wide. I want to show enough detail to customers on my website but I don’t want to upload at such a large resolution that my file can just be grabbed and used directly from my website (and I’m not a fan of big intrusive watermarks in the photo).

But even a 1000 pixels wide image is really just a thumbnail for these super wide panoramas, most of them are up to 10 images stitched and more than 10,000 pixels wide so at 1/10th the size you loose the magic. I wish I could show you the incredible clarity and detail of these original files! I am also looking for a printer where I can do a 3 meter wide print of these files without sending the file to an expensive lab.

Here’s a few examples of super wide panoramas, please click the image to see the 1000 pixels wide version on my website.

Click to see large size on my gallery!

Cannon Hill at Hawk Dreaming in Kakadu National Park, Australia

Click to see large size on my gallery!

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House at sunset

Click to see large size on my gallery!

Ubirr Rock in Kakadu National Park, Australia

I really hope the future has some exhibition in store for me where I get to display these as 3 meter wide prints so I can show you these photos as they’re meant to be seen! Until then you have to settle for viewing my 1000 pixels wide versions and trust me when I say that the originals I sell are fine art quality files so detailed you feel you can walk straight into the scene through the screen!

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  1. I can empathise with ultrawide panoramas and their display on the net. The effect really is lost on screen compared to big prints- having said that your shots here are stunning.
    I have also struggled to find suitable online services for printing such images in the UK. My Epson 1290 A3 printer needs a huge amount of patience, and isnt worth the hassle really unless I'm doing one for own wall.

  2. I have a super-wide panoramic photo from – 1915 of the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT. This was WWAAAYYY back in the day when it must have taken much effort to accomplish. Great work on your part.. Keep it up.

  3. Hey these are some nice shots. Of the sydney harbour one, there looks like a stich line to the bottom left of the boat. May not be one though.

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