Field of Dreams

I grew up on a farm so I have a strong nostalgic affection for any farm related landscape photos. I do miss country living and if my family still owned our farm I would shoot an awful lot of “Harvest in Sunset Light” panoramas every year in August. It is certain that my love of wide open remote desolate fields and landscapes grew out of living on a farm and then found heaven in the Australian outback where the sense of space is never ending.

Denmark is a densely populated country so finding landscape views not ruined by bitumen roads or power lines is a struggle. Me and my mate Markus managed to do so on a bit of a road trip into the Danish “outback” last week. The result is this Field of Dreams:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Wheat Field of Dreams Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

With an incoming rain storm the clouds looked spectacular and the light had that super soft “just before the storm” extra charged quality that looks so good in photos. This is shot digitally and stitched in PTgui from 5 vertical images. I also shot a few rolls with the Fuji G617 so it’ll be interesting to compare the two once I get the slides scanned. This shot received a fair bit of post production, the wheat field was much greener but I like it golden so I warmed the colour and changed the hue. The clouds were a blue tone that didn’t go too well with the gold so what do you do, you warm the clouds as well! I love the digital darkroom and I am sure Ansel Adams would have too. A relatively strong vignette put the finishing touch on my Field of Dreams.

Me at work in the field as captured by Master Photographer Markus Hornum-Stenz This road trip and Field of Dreams (one too many movie references you think?) reminded me that it’s possible to shoot some alright landscapes here in Denmark and I thoroughly enjoyed working in the wheat field. Doesn’t always have to be me standing in the most secluded secret sacred spot in Australia having battled snakes and crocs to get there, this shot may lead the way for more landscapes from home. Still love the snakes and crocs though!

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  1. Nice shot mate ,
    I grew up on a farm as well , so wish i had been into photogrpahy when i was there so many shots i have missed now we sold it .
    Been wanting to get some field shots like this and ones with contrasty blue skys with white clouds

  2. Now I know why you like Australia.But I would,nt call a little over 4 million people densely populated.But you are right its hard to find scenes like this without roads or wires everywhere.I tried a few years back on a short trip back home.Thats why I think its great here the vastness, the huge expanses where you see not a soul or anything remotely connected with civilization.Its a very nice shot Flemming and July-August for this sort.

  3. Kirk, thanks! And yeah like you I think back to the tonnes of outstanding shots I missed. Imagine if I had had a camera in the field with me back then!

    Birte, it's about 5.3 million at the moment which is fairly dense for such a small place and the great open plains and sense of space is certainly nowhere to be found. Glad you liked the shot.

    Stephen, thanks very much mate!

  4. Nice one, could have sworn it was western australia with the golden wheat, only there's not many crops around on account of no rain.

  5. Thanks James. And yeah it's funny, I've driven through areas in Southern WA and NSW and found myself thinking it looked very much like Denmark except for the trees. Some of the southern farm areas are very similar to here.

  6. Hi Flemming,

    I think you've coined a new term 'Denmark Outback'. Great shot.

    Jamie Paterson

  7. I think I've asked you before but are you flying into Perth and then up North or are you landing in Darwin or somewhere up there. Just thinking if you were flying into Perth airport some of us could have a beer with you at the airport.


    Jamie Paterson

  8. Flemming sounds like your shooting like a film photographer now. Few shots on digital and then a few on slide. Exactly what I do. Ha ha. Problem is which one do you like better. I know the answer to this question if I was asked when I shoot digital and then film.

  9. I know the answer as well, I much prefer digital even though I come from a background of film shooting. I love how I can capture a 3:1 panorama in one shot with the Fuji 617 but that's about it – for everything else I prefer digital!

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