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I recently upgraded my membership to Plus status, and uploaded a few of my Canon 5D Mk II videos – more to come.

Before my 12 days assignment in June in Malaysia and Borneo, shooting video did not really enter into my thoughts when I was working. However, working with Michael from TV Asia and Georg from opened my eyes to how much fun video shooting is. The video quality of the Canon 5D Mk II is outstanding so we ended up using my camera quite a bit, mounted on a great Sachtler video tripod with me as the camera operator (I have all the raw footage and on more than one occasion I can be heard saying ‘action!’. Oh dear! Spielberg syndrome). It was a great and fun learning experience.

When I get the time I plan to edit some small movies from my travels. For now, enjoy the raw footage on my Vimeo profile. Here are a few movies embedded, but I recommend clicking text links (click the title in the video to view them at large size on Vimeo instead of these embedded videos. With a fast connection, you should click on ‘HD’ in the video player on Vimeo to enjoy the movies in HD. 

Life on the river, in the town of Pangkalan Bun, Borneo


Speed boat through Borneo’s jungle


James Price Point, Broome, West Australia


And while you are on Vimeo, check out the incredible videos from Mike Fletcher!

2 Comments on “My videos on Vimeo”

  1. very nice – i've been liking the vids that 5DmkII owners have been producing. the boat rides down bornean rivers bring back memories. have you considered a simple gimbal camera stabiliser to improve the results?

    1. Thanks Cain. Pangkalan Bun on Borneo just blew my mind, one of the most amazing places I have visited.

      The vids are mindblowing when you view the original 1920×1080 HD files. It is a window really. It would be nice to have some small steadycam thingy to stabilise. Has to be very very small though, to travel with.

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