Springboks in the dunes

Apologies for not blogging much lately, battling fatigue, a cold and a headache after pushing myself a bit too much changing my life completely. So I will let a lovely African image speak for itself today. Gorgeous Springboks in front of a huge wall of sand at Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Springboks and antelopes are an absolute joy to watch as they playfully run and jump around the plains of Namibia simply toying with gravity.

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Springboks in the dunes
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

This image originally had another crop where a sliver of sky was visible. Turned out on second thought that this actually hurt the image, it is much more open and expansive with just the wall of sand and no sky visible. This way there are no borders to the sand. The art of cropping, possibly the most dramatic improvement you can do to your images is a perfect crop in my opinion. The art of cropping – will be the subject of a longer article sometime soon.

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  1. i'm much the same flemming; battling fatigue & constant headache, i guess it's true when they say "you'll burn out, you need to get some rest"
    hope you feel better soon!
    i've been cropping some of my ultra wide photos & they look better 🙂
    i look forward to your longer post on cropping

  2. You are indeed the master of the dunes Bo!

    A little tip for you on the headache etc if I may!

    One of the things you will be going through is breaking the habit created by doing the same thing for many years.

    I also had a similar scenario when I first left full time work and went from basically managing 3 jobs at once to being my own boss.

    I found myself very unsettled until such time as I realised that this was mainly due to the fact I was breaking a very long time habit.

    Once I realised that I was able to settle down and things fell into place.

    For the cold, get some Echinacia and Olive Leaf extract into ya..drink some green tea will assist with the headache and to keep you more calm.

    Hope this helps in some way Bo!

    1. Cheers Mark and thanks for the great advice. I haven't had many habits nor a regular fulltime job for 2 years though so this was more the exhausting process of getting rid of almost everything that I own and moving out of my flat two weeks ago, becoming basically a nomad!

  3. Hi Bo,

    Just the change from having a base to becoming a nomad is enough of a change to affect the habits of a Human!

    We are funny like that and we are going through a similar thing as we have our home of 20 years up for sale. My wife is somewhat dismayed at the total lack of stability at present!!

    1. Indeed it is a very very large change, probably a bit larger than I anticipated, switching to full nomadic mode and no stability is a huge investment of energy – fortunately with some amazing experiences on the horizon 🙂 Best of luck with the sale Mark.

  4. Great wildlife shot Flemming. Just the dunes would have been good enough but with the springboks it's just A1.
    I agree composition has 2 stages. The first out in the field and the second with the crop tool.


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