Merry Christmas to all

Christmas comes in many different forms for many different people, cultures and religions. Whichever way you spend the upcoming holidays I want to extend my best wishes for a great and merry Christmas for you and your family and loved ones!

laos merry xmas I am posting the weirdest and most surreal Xmas decoration ever. This is from the entrance in a guesthouse in Phonsavan in Laos. Now; Laos being the most heavily bombed country in the world with a lot of unexploded ordnance still not cleared – you would think that bombs on display would be the last thing you would see. But no, they seem to display them as a sort of tourist attraction or…I don’t know. We all just stood there staring at this and just, it just does not compute. This is some large bomb with a lot of small cluster bombs (particularly evil) as decorations. And a Merry Xmas sign. So surreal!

My Christmas

I am spending Christmas in the tropics this year with dear friends, in my present home of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This being a buddhist country there is little in the way of Christmas decorations and I am quite thankful for that. Except in the large shopping mall where the "farrangs" (foreigners) get to enjoy a gigantic plastic tree and Thai versions of White Christmas so truly awful your ears bleed! I hate shopping malls with a passion but just when you think they could not get any worse! Copenhagen is covered in snow experiencing truly arctic temperatures, but we have a nice 30 degrees during the day and a big bright sun to go with it!

17 Comments on “Merry Christmas to all”

  1. Enjoy your experience for everything it is worth and take care with all your travels. Hope 2010 will be as good as what 2009 has been for you.

  2. Kære Flemming

    Bomber som juleudstilling…. sært og obskurt.

    En velsignet Jul og et godt Nytår ønsker jeg dig.

    Selv drager jeg om et par timer til Vietnam for Mountainbike, kajak og trek, og jeg glæder mig til at komme "over" til jeres lys og varme.

    Kh. Hanne

  3. To me the picture provides a profound insight into how one might deal with harsh circumstances: Through cynicism, embrace and humour.

    Thanx for sharing and a merry Xmas from Vangede


  4. Flemming, have safe and happy Christmas. When will you make it to Oz? The guest wing, (read tent in paddock compete with mob of kangaroos) awaits.

  5. Hi Flemming

    Very strange kind of Christmas ornamentation. I´m not at all sure I like it but on the other hand …. Anyway I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope you are still doing fine out there…take care.

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