The road, no the car, is home!

It is a classic Jack Kerouac quote "the road is home/life" and I used to write it constantly along with "no fear", "into the wild" etc. Back when I clung to a clicheed bag of quotes. I am somewhat attempting to break away from that.

I have found that actually my car – is my home presently! I have now travelled over 8,700 kms (5800 miles) here in the Southwest of the US. I thought initially I might get bored with all that driving but it turns out that the one constant home in my present travelling life is my car (it’s a rental so we have to part ways soon though). I actually really enjoy the driving now, music on my ipod fed into the stereo and I take every backroad (I hate the interstates!) possible through the glorious landscapes. Sometimes I get slightly down when I actually get to my destination and park my Nissan spaceship, and can’t wait to fly again. "How you get there is the worthier part" (well, now I’m quoting Firefly but that’s always good!).

It is too cold for me to camp here but for my next US trip I am definitely getting a larger 4WD and buying camping gear so I can skip all the motel beds and camp out! Nothing better than sleeping under the stars but it requires the right conditions. I miss camping very much but it is seriously cold at night here in the desert so it will have to be next time, where I really will make the car my home. Here’s driving on the road, well technically me sitting in the middle of the road, leading to the salt flats of Death Valley:

death valley road - blog

A few minuses: What little ass I have has become the shape of a car seat. My neck, shoulders and back are killing me from all that driving and photography and crappy soft motel beds. My tinnitus kills me ears, something about driving that triggers it. And I feel out of shape, which is a feeling I really hate. I think it will be healthy to de-attach this car from my ass for a while soon!

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    1. I know what it is mate, it is that undefineable but undeniable master photographer quality from the artist known as the International Superstar 🙂 Aren't you glad I put it into words for ya mate!

      It's mostly a snapshot though, don't think I will use it but I like the fact that the road just "ends". It actually goes down a hill and veers to the left, but it looks surreal that it ends below the horizon.

  1. "What little ass I have has become the shape of a car seat."

    I have such a funny image of that… esp given how tall you are (or look in photos, anyway). That must be giving the Americans something else to stare at!

  2. You have no idea Charlene 🙂 I am 6 foot but look taller 'cos I'm skinny and long legged and with my now almost white sun bleached hair and dark tanned skin I reckon green aliens in a UFO would cause LESS commotion! Alien forever. It is fun somedays, other days I just really really wished I was a bit more 'normal'.

    Sorry we didn't get to meet up in Perth so you can see for yourself hehe. Next time!

    1. Thanks Andrew. No I think a 4WD with a good tent and swag is more me. I cannot believe the size of the RVs here and they're usually towing a car as well. They really are the size of a house. Like a lot of other things here in the US, size is out of proportion!

  3. Hi Bo,

    I agree with Andrew. We hired an RV Winebego in Vegas one year and drove to LA then to the Grand Canyon, over to Santa Fe and then up to Denver in Winter and it was really comfortable.

    The gas heater in those puppies work a treat when it is cold and it was snowing outside on most nights eh!

    I am enjoying reading about your adventures mate!

    1. Cheers matey, but…not that there's anything wrong with RVs and I'm sure they are comfortable. There's just no way in hell I am ever gonna drive in one those things, it's a personal thing 🙂

  4. interesting image Flem- makes me feel like literally being along for the ride with you.

    it's been a privilege to come along too. as always great stories to accompany them 🙂

    1. Thanks heaps Stephen! There's always room in the spaceship for more crew! At least there will be soon as I clean it up, it seems my car has turned into one big luggage container somehow.

  5. It does look like you could disappear into the desert floor! No matter what you can bet your life that there are people back here who are green with envy of your journey, sore neck and all!

  6. I spent 4.5 months driving the states, did about 40,ooo kms. It was awesome. We lived in our van but it was bloody cold when it was snowing. America has the best landscapes. I wish I was with you mate.

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