My life as a travelling ‘nomadic’ photographer is having a recess after 6 months of adventures through Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Australia and USA with great images, people, experiences and ups and downs. ‘Nomad’ traveling is a large magnifying glass. Perhaps I will write a more detailed report later. Now; rest and non-travelling.

I am now back in Copenhagen for a Summer siesta and work. I do not know what happens after that. Making this up as I go along. Once I catch up on sleep and seeing dear friends there are two big tasks ahead – completely new website and developing all the new images. Stay tuned, I shall continue blogging of course, new images will be posted.

Todays image is recess from one of the hmong village schools I visited in Laos, one of the highlights. These children were so raw, un-spoiled, curious and very charming, felt like adopting a few of them.

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9 thoughts on “Recess

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  1. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Glad to see that you made it home safely Bo…I bet it was good to end up somewhere like home and to feel that you could stay put for a while!

    I also bet that you saw and experienced a heap of cool stuff and I look fwd to your posts as you get time!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      cheers Mark. It is good to have a 'home' (until my Sister kicks me out!) for a while again! See ya again in the world soon.

  2. Hanne B. Stegem&uuml 11 years ago

    Velkommen hjem gamle ven! Jeg glæder mig til at følge udvikling og opbygning af dit nye site og se hvilke gode idéer, du har. Overvejer du at hoste WP selv? I givet fald kender jeg en, der kan hjælpe med den del.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Hej Hanne og mange tak! Ja, WP skal integreres i det nye site. Det sker dog via mit hyrede web design firma men selve migrering og redirect kan det da tænkes jeg gerne vil have en WP ekspert til at hjælpe med, så email endelig gerne kontakt info.

  3. Charlene 11 years ago

    Ah to be a child again.

    A new website – surely it wasn't that long ago that you'd completed the present one… was it?

  4. Rod Thomas 11 years ago

    Welcome home Albert….. I posted a comment on your FB site mate, hope u dont mind

    Cant wait to see your images mate

    Rodney out ! !

  5. Scott 11 years ago


    It was great meeting you while on the US part of your adventure. I look forward to seeing the images on your new website and being even more inspired by your beautiful images.

    Enjoy being home, there is no place like home.



    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Hi Scott, it was a pleasure to meet you as well! Let's hook up again for more US photography and hey, I would love to see Hawaii 🙂

  6. Stephen Williams 11 years ago

    good stuff Flem, despite loving the road so much I can sure understand it must be nice to stay put for a while.
    can't wait to hear your adventures 🙂