905th Birthday Bash in Berlin

First there was 901…then followed by 902 and 903…then the world held it’s collective breath and were amazed by 904 that took place in 4 countries…now we bring you: the time-lord’s 905th … Read More

Seven Trips Around the Sun

So this is the post where I write about being a nomad for more than 7 years. The thing is, I already wrote about the first 5 years in several … Read More

Always be Amazing

I promised to write a blog post about my 7 years as a nomad, back in November 2016 when I actually had the 7 year anniversary while we were in … Read More

2016 in Travel and Run, Doctor, Run

TwentySixteen was year 7 living on the road for me. Charlene and I traveled yet another trip around our weird and wonderful planet in our own little version of the … Read More

Alien Antics in America

5 weeks and 4000 miles through Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and California – Part I 2016 has been a rather weird and hectic whirlwind of jobs, travels, joggling visa … Read More

The Beats of Beograd

Beograd, the white city, the capital of Serbia. Charlene and I have spent a few months in Beograd this year, and I am still trying to make sense of it all. … Read More

Interview in Fujifilm X Magazine

I am really thrilled and honoured to have a big interview in the latest version of the online Fujifilm X Magazine. I am so happy with the way the interview … Read More

What’s In My Bag?

I often get asked how I pack and transport all my gear around living as a nomad. My poor back used to answer: not well. But now I have wheels! … Read More

6 year anniversary as a nomad

Today is my 6 year anniversary as a nomad. I took off 23rd of November 2009 and what a roller coaster ride it has been. And what a lucky boy … Read More

Five Trips Around The Sun

On 23rd of November 2009 I boarded a plane in Copenhagen bound for Bangkok. I had spent the previous 4 months selling my flat, my furniture and just about everything … Read More

How I got a tattoo from Geroni-Mo

This is Mo. Mo is a tattoo artist and runs Mo’s Tattoos in the town Truth or Consequences (known to most locals as TorC) in New Mexico. Mo is directly descendant … Read More

Quiet Beat of Tangier

Quiet. Not a word I thought I would ever use to describe the infamous city of Tangier, Morocco. Yet apart from a nearby fountain where carpets and clothes are washed … Read More

Mad and Magic Raving

For 4 weeks we searched for and found magic. We listened to thousands of tunes, shared thousands of laughs and drove thousands of miles through wild, spellbinding landscapes of New … Read More

Four Trips Around the Sun

A glance at a calendar tells me I wrote Three Trips Around the Sun a year ago. It feels like a decade or lifetime but then time is relative for … Read More

The Story of a Boy

Story of a Boy who Stares at the Stars Wishing for the Universe. Story of a boy who wanders the world in a pretend time-machine. Story of a boy who … Read More