Copenhagen Photo Festival meets Peru

Prints, prints, glorious prints. Presently fifteen 6×8 prints and 185 much smaller prints, all from my Peru work, grace the floor of the boat. Attempting to produce an edit that will be my submission for exhibiting at the Copenhagen Photo Festival in June. Some of the exhibitions last year impressed me much, and I have decided to submit an application.

It has been almost 3 years. 3 years since I took off for Namibia in April 2009, starting my current life as a time traveling photographer gypsy. It seems like 30 years in some ways although I naturally remember take-off as it was yesterday. Everything seems like yesterday. Everything seems like a long, long time ago. So many memories. When I return to Copenhagen I shall look for a new home and a job. A rooted existence – for a while anyway.

The Copenhagen Photo Festival then, is perfect timing for my first exhibition in Copenhagen. This has me rather excited. It would mean a tremendous lot to me to exhibit in my home city. Showing friends and family and everyone a small taste of my work, my travels, my life on the road. Not feeling the need to explain or justify, but feeling the need to share, yes it would have enormous personal meaning for me.

In the words of Tim Winton, because his words are much better than mine –

“…to be remembered as someone who did something completely pointless and beautiful. In this at least, he should need no explanation.”

My submission features work from Peru. It is my most current work, best work and the work which excites me the most. It is documentary images and my edit will hopefully tell interesting stories in an exhibition. I daydream of a larger exhibition featuring all 3 years. First, let us see how this application fares. Fingers crossed, use the force — this is the application you have been looking for.

(In Peru with Adam Weintraub on workshop)

13 Comments on “Copenhagen Photo Festival meets Peru”

  1. Very exciting Flemming! Keeping all fingers crossed for you. 🙂

    By the way, not sure I’ve told you how much I like your new website design.

    Cathy: “Flemming, I really like your new website design”

    There you go! 🙂

  2. Always wanting to see what you are up to Flemming. You should do well with the Copenhagen Photo Festival. Have fun getting your submission completed!

  3. Yes, it WILL be the application they are looking for. None can withstand the powers of the Force (we’ll throw some Dark Side in just in case).

    Very excited for you. Only wish I was there to see it when it finally happens!

  4. Good luck with it all Flem, i’m sure the images of your travels will be received very well. Bummer we never met for a shoot somewhere, but I have your farewell on the 29th in the dairy and should be able to meet you finally, even if it is for a farewell…. Glad I managed to see it before the date- very limited time for blog viewing lately i’m glad I saw it 🙂

    1. Hi Stephen and thanks, that is great that you are coming along on the 29th and we can finally meetup. You get to see Charlene’s awesome Tugboat Dreaming exhibition then, well, I’ll also be present 🙂

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