Photographing Roskilde Festival 2016

130,000 people, 170 acts, a large number of stages, hundreds of press photographers, camping sites, food stalls – and all of it spread out over almost 80 hectares. Photographing Roskilde … Read More

Skipper Røvskum by the sea

Imagine a big engine from a huge ship, the loud massive sound repeating itself, dok dok dok dok dok. Imagine it sampled and looped as the repetitive drum beat in a … Read More

Can I play just one tune?

This is what it looks like, just finishing your set to a street of tens of thousands of people. I love photographing music, but every time I am on stage … Read More

Bonobo live in Copenhagen

Bonobo is very popular and loved by his many devoted fans, something which is evident from the very first beat. Bonobo aka Simon Green is plaing Vega in Copenhagen during Strøm festival 2014 … Read More

Capturing Copyflex

My friend Copyflex always wears funky bright and colourful outfits that matches the tropical dutty bass music he plays and produces – but at times I love capturing his dynamic DJ performances in … Read More

Trailerpark Festival 2013

Words and pictures by Flemming Bo Jensen and Charlene Winfred | originally posted in the Trailerpark blog and Artrebels blog, 9 August 2013 Trailerpark 2013 by Charlene Winfred and Flemming … Read More

Tales of Twenty Twelve

Time Not normally one to keep track of time at all, time is not the boss of me. But some of the calendars some humans use shall soon reset themselves, … Read More


A tribute to Copyflex. Ex stockbroker turned tropical bassy DJ. Because he is awesome. Because Copia Doble Systema releases have been on repeat rotation in the RaveMobile in New Mexico … Read More

Copenhagen Photo Festival meets Peru

Prints, prints, glorious prints. Presently fifteen 6×8 prints and 185 much smaller prints, all from my Peru work, grace the floor of the boat. Attempting to produce an edit that … Read More