Sea of Grooves

Isolee playing at Strøm festival closing party, Copenhagen august 2013.

Isolee playing at Strøm festival closing party, Copenhagen august 2013.

Bass, beats, breaks, DJs, ravers, dancers, rhythms and riddims. Lights, smoke, speakers, decks, mixers, amps, subwoofers, lasers, drinks. And time-traveling gypsies with cameras (one of them quite in love with being on a stage).

My main commercial work consists of shooting music events and musicians. In 2013 in Copenhagen I photographed 15-18 events in four months during Summer working for major festivals like Strøm, promoters and Red Bull Studios Copenhagen. A lot of them with Charlene and I as the mad and magic raving-and-shooting team. We have found that our shooting styles compliment each other perfectly, and it is brilliant fun doing these events together.

This is work that I absolutely love doing, combining my love for music, raving and photography and the festivals of Summer in Copenhagen. Music and event photography has rekindled my love for making still images, and instilled a purpose. There is a great sense of community at these events, where promotors, musicians, sound and light magicians and photographers all come together to make the event the best it can be. It can be quite a special feeling being part of this. After 4 years of nomadic roaming where photography has mostly been a solitary obsession, I am especially enjoying this.

The work can be hectic, images need to be delivered quickly and then the next event is already around the corner. I have never really found the time to feature much of this work on my blog; but I am now looking back and digging into the thousands of images and am excited to share what I find, seeing the images now with fresh eyes and reliving moments. Moments of magic in a sea of grooves.

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  1. Bands on stage are quite a challenge (for me, anyway) even in the small clubs where I’ve shot. I can’t imagine trying to shoot at a large event like a festival. I loved the images you (and C) posted of the Trailer Park event some time ago and really look forward to seeing more more more (to borrow a phrase from Billy Idol).

    If you’ll pardon the slogan from an old guy raised on Beatles and Eagles, Credence and Cream, and on Little Feat and Skynyrd… “Rock On!”

    1. Glad you liked the images from Trailerpark. Smaller clubs can be easier in terms of lighting, big festivals can be a bit more difficuly with light – but then they can look really epic, with thousands of people dancing. Rave on 🙂

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