Kenton Slash Demon

Kenton Slash Demon is a Danish electronic duo made up of Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer. I honestly do not remember the first time I heard them, but it was many … Read More

AV AV AV at Strøm Festival 2016

I have had the pleasure of being able to follow and document Danish electronic super trio AV AV AV over the past couple of years. I really like their music … Read More

Skipper Røvskum by the sea

Imagine a big engine from a huge ship, the loud massive sound repeating itself, dok dok dok dok dok. Imagine it sampled and looped as the repetitive drum beat in a … Read More

Trans Metro Express

How to create a Rave on a Train: You take a Copenhagen Metro train. Then you load it with Funktion One speakers and lots of other lovely gear. Next you … Read More

Bonobo live in Copenhagen

Bonobo is very popular and loved by his many devoted fans, something which is evident from the very first beat. Bonobo aka Simon Green is plaing Vega in Copenhagen during Strøm festival 2014 … Read More

Summer in Copenhagen and the mystery of time

Even for an experienced time-traveler this summer in Copenhagen was a strange event in the space time continuum. Seems like summer began only yesterday but I have been in Copenhagen for 3 … Read More

Beat Poet Groove

There is a new portfolio on my website called ‘Beat Poet Groove‘ – a portfolio of my work with musicians and DJs in Copenhagen. I love music, never go anywhere … Read More


A tribute to Copyflex. Ex stockbroker turned tropical bassy DJ. Because he is awesome. Because Copia Doble Systema releases have been on repeat rotation in the RaveMobile in New Mexico … Read More