A tribute to Copyflex. Ex stockbroker turned tropical bassy DJ. Because he is awesome. Because Copia Doble Systema releases have been on repeat rotation in the RaveMobile in New Mexico the past month. And because he is the star of my favourite pictures I made for Strøm Festival 2012. Copyflex and Copia Doble Systema. Listen. And look:

All images made on the Fuji X-pro1 at iso something-high, the Fuji really does very well in a dark club.


4 thoughts on “Copyflex

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  1. True North Mark 9 years ago

    Nice work mate! I know how hard those low light captures are to get!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Thanks buddy. Light in a nightclub changes with every beat, sometimes a flood of light, sometimes darkness. So you set manual exposure for the light you like (in my case, almost darkness with just one or two spots) and follow the beats and light and wait for the perfect moment to click.