Skipper Røvskum by the sea


Imagine a big engine from a huge ship, the loud massive sound repeating itself, dok dok dok dok dok.

Imagine it sampled and looped as the repetitive drum beat in a song.

The sound of whale song gets mixed in. Then sea gulls.

Then a sample from a fish auction.

Then waves, distorted waves crashing ashore.

Looped, distorted, warped, cut up and repeated, turned into weird but strangely hypnotic electronic music tracks. Tracks that have titles like:

Russian Cruiser

Dumping garbage outside of Nigeria

Congo River Whisky

This is the band Skipper Røvskum and there is nothing that sounds quite like them.  I have photographed them two times before including their very first live performance at Strøm festival in 2012 and at this years Strøm Festival in Copenhagen the 4 captains were back. I had the pleasure of covering the event on a beautiful August summer evening, at the beachside by Amager Strandpark. The view from the concrete “bunker” on the beach towards the city was spectacular, the small but dedicated crowd were here to witness another rare occurence of the Skippers.

There are no online Skipper Røvskum tracks, so unfortunately you will just have to imagine the sounds as you view my images. Oil tanker, whale song, sea gulls, waves crashing ashore…







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