Beat Poet Groove

There is a new portfolio on my website called ‘Beat Poet Groove‘ – a portfolio of my work with musicians and DJs in Copenhagen. I love music, never go anywhere without my headphones and 32gb of music in my pocket, love discovering new music, new genres, electronic music that breaks the rules even when there are no rules, blends the genres, pounds the bass, I love working with musicians, photographing at gigs, festivals, events and clubs, music and photography, perfect artistic melting pot for me. Beat Poet Groove – click to view portfolio:

Are you a band, DJ, Musician, gig, event, festival looking for a photographer? Have a look at the portfolio and contact me if you like what you see.

Thanks to Charlene and Daniel for help with the music portfolio selection, and to Patrick La Roque for the truly awesome ‘Beat Poet Groove’ words which I just had to borrow!

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