STRØM 2012

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STRØM. Danish for electrical current. Also means flow. The past week saw an amazing flow of electrical current and power run through Copenhagen. The annual STRØM electronic music festival took place and I had the pleasure of being one of the photographers. A brilliant week of brilliant events, everything from live electronic music on a metro train, to a live mix at the harbour on a warm summer’s night in pitch black conditions where all sounds where samples from the ocean, to Major Lazer tearing apart Club VEGA and Richie Hawtin hammering some techno beats on an outdoor stage in the heart of Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Simply a totally wicked week. Thanks to the STRØM crew for pulling off a blindingly good festival.

The following is by far my favourite image from the week, DJ Copyflex at Club Vega. There’s a FB gallery featuring my work, also do watch the video below with more of my own favourites and the official STRØM anthem (play it looooud – more STRØM please!).

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