Bass. Bone breaking gut punching concrete breaking ear drum piercing bass. Urban, ghetto, dancehall, grime, tribal, dub step, hip hop, break beats — gritty deep bass is the key in this Bass festival by the Ohoi! crew shaking Copenhagen to the very core. The setting is rather perfect, underneath an elevated highway. The music is pumping, people are jumping, highway is shaking, and I am looking for light. The light sucks when I arrive but I know at some point the setting sun will dip underneath the bridge and light us all up like fire. I am here for 4-5 hours but the light is only great for 10-20 minutes. So I try to prepare, try to be ready. Scout the scene. Prepare my images. Find a few angles that can tell the story of what I am experiencing at this event.

The sun eventually does it’s beautiful thing and backlights everyone’s halo. I love that I can use my Fuji X-pro1 like a black analog rangefinder box that doesn’t get in my way, optical viewfinder and manual shooting, that’s my normal style. But the Fuji is still digital and I might as well take advantage of this as well. So a quick click to turn on live-view on the screen, hands and camera in the air, eyes on screen, wait for people to look sideways or back and I have what I want.

Light is perfect for a few minutes. That’s what it’s all about. Chase the light, capture the moments. Looking at the images now I can think of several images I should have made while I was there. It always seems to be that way. Must go back and forever chase the light, haunted, suffering, searching, always searching.

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