Nomad Photographer Part II


Presently, I am quite close to engaging the hyperdrive on part II of my life as a nomad photographer, a life entering it’s second year. In actuality part II was the past 5 months spent in Copenhagen but for the sake of continuity I shall dub the next piece of my life Part II. I am honoured and humbled by the interest and support in my work and life and thank you for your emails, Twitter tweets and Facebook messages. My reflections on part I are here, presently I wish to share the plans and thoughts for Part II. Will Part II be of interest? Let us find out!

Papua New Guinea

I fly out Sunday 31st of October landing in Cairns, Australia on Tuesday morning completely skipping Monday (let me know if I miss anything). By Saturday the 6th of November, hopefully jetlag-free, I board the True North vessel with mates Mark Stothard and Christian Fletcher. Destination: Papua New Guinea and seven days of tropical bliss featuring unspoiled waters, islands, reefs, villages, people and endless banter with Mark and Christian. I shall capture stills and HD video around the clock, even whilst diving thanks to my new waterproof Sony DSC-TX5 camera. This promises to be an epic excursion to one of the destinations of my dreams.


Oil Painted Dusk We end the trip back in Cairns, Australia. I plan to get myself to Broome, Western Australia by car or plane. No Australia visit for me without a stay in Broome, one of my favourite places in the world. My sanctuary and I suspect I need a bit of rest and time to develop images after PNG. I look forward to catching up with Nigel and Helen from Red Dirt Photography and capturing more of James Price Point and other spots. I truly wish for a home in Broome. Unless they build the gas hub (please don’t!) in which case everything will be built-up, industrialised and ruined. Post Broome (if I can get myself to leave that is) I have many plans. I shall drive to Perth by Pilbara’s Wide Open Spaces visiting Stephen Williams. I will catch up with Perth people, do a big meet-up hopefully. I must then attempt to clone myself for the next part.

Africa and humanitarian work

Maasai Women Africa calls me deeply, I must go to Africa again very soon and Perth to Johannesburg is not far. About two months ago I began pursuing my newfound dream of doing humanitarian photography. I sent out a multimedia presentation package to several large NGO’s and received positive response and opportunities. Presently two large worldwide NGOs wish for me to do stills, video, interviews and articles on projects in countries in Africa and Asia. Splendid opportunity to do some good with my images and see more of Africa. More details to come when I have them, I am extremely excited about these opportunities.


Beautiful Orang Utan Now, simultaneously my clone will embark early December for Malaysia to visit friends in Kuala Lumpur and at a plantation. We will hopefully include a little trip to Borneo as well. Then onwards up to Thailand for visiting more friends and work on a joint project capturing stills and video of the lives of children Thai boxers in remote villages. Additionally, whatever projects the NGOs have for me in the area.

Australia, again

It then presently looks like I will be back in Perth, Australia, in February 2010 working on two projects. One yet unnamed, the other being whatever our joint documentary project Further and Further ends up as. We are planning to shoot for the stars – and the moon.

Do I work on projects in Africa before or after Australia in 2011? Will I succeed in cloning myself? I also have a friend and possible NGO projects in India waiting for me. We shall see. I must attempt to sequence these exciting opportunities so I can do as many I can without wearing myself out. If I get exhausted I will pause or stop for a while at a base in the world or in Denmark. No longer having to compete with myself I hope I feel comfortable pausing when I need to. Nothing left to prove, just everything left to create, live and explore.

Many plans, much excitement in these opportunities. I worked to create these opportunities having learned in part 1 that opportunities and plans rarely drop out of thin air. Now I come prepared. I can alter plans as I like but I need plans and projects to fall back on. Reduces the risk of feeling lost in aimless wandering.

Dream come true?

You say it sounds very exciting, a dream come true. It is and I agree. Three years ago I could only dream of this, now I live it every day. It is also very hard work and effort, harder than I imagined. Nomadic life means strange days in strange places, no stability and no feeling of home. This is a large coin with a large flip side and I have unfortunately caused unprecedented damage to people close to me. Every day I wonder whether it is worth the price. I must pursue my passion but light this strong casts dark deep shadows. It is automatically an inner journey as much as an outer journey. I thought I had an idea of who I was before my nomad life. I had no idea. I mostly knew who I was defined by others and am just now learning who I am as defined by me.

nomad-part-ii-sugarloaf I accomplished much of what I wanted during summer in Copenhagen. I created my new website which launched to great response. Since the launch I have sold more images than in the 8 months of 2010 prior to the launch. I developed old and new images and launched 325 fine art images with my site. I created a new blog. I learned the basics of cutting videos. I created my humanitarian photography project. I did some IT-work. I recently integrated an automated stock image archive into my site, that will launch when I have my 500+ stock images uploaded. Filming a planned short movie unfortunately fell through due to time. As in, not enough. And importantly, I caught up with friends and family. I healed wounds. I am sorry you have to read this boring resumé list, it is just there as fuel for my own engine, need to convince myself I did all I could before Part II.

Most of my creative creating this summer has been in front of my Mac. I long to get out on the road, out into Mother Nature and create images, videos and stories again. I so long to create. I am ready and am terribly excited about my opportunities. I am also a little scared. It does require strength I do not always have. At least I am now aware of this.

I shall not end with one of my beloved quotes but stick to my own words. Create your adventure, your own adventure. Reach out and grab your dreams. See you in the world.


You can follow my adventure, words and images on my blog, Twitter and Facebook.

– ∞ –

23 Comments on “Nomad Photographer Part II”

  1. Hi Flemming,

    Another really cool blog post. I hope that you and I can catch up this time around. 🙂 It will be interesting to see what sort of underwater shots you can capture.


    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks very much mate and yes indeed we will meet up for sure in Perth this time as I’ll be there for quite a while. I too am interested in seeing what I will capture with a Sony in one hand while snorkeling 😀

  2. Flemming, this post hit so many spots. If I were to say it here you might end up with a 1500 word essay given how long winded I am. Will email whenever my life becomes my own again, and everything plus the kitchen sink is well and truly over that F2 wall 🙂

    Heaps to think about. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures as always.

    1. 1500 word essays always welcome mate 🙂 I know you’re mega busy at the moment, no worries at all, write whenever you have the time and have chucked everything over that wall 😀

  3. There is a philosophy that say that we are given who we are by others in our circle of influence. It sure sounds like your circle of people in your life has expanded greatly and is in fact now global in reach. That is actually quite an accomplishment and holds a significant possibility for growth beyond previously known bounds.


  4. Lots ahead of you Flemming. Reach for your dreams, looks like you are well on your way and have plenty of rewards along the road.

  5. Flemming,

    Best of travels and good on you for doing this for yourself. I love the idea of the humanitarian project and am interested to see your work form this. I love that you share your “resume” with us as I find it both inspiring and moving at the same time. Even though I know we have never met, I am so happy for you that you are doing what you are passionate about – not many of us can say that. I also love seeing your photography and hearing your stories! As always thank you for sharing. I wish you inspired, safe, and rewarding travels.


    1. Hello Dan! I am ever grateful for your comments and support, thank you so much. Rest assured I will keep sharing, keep exploring, keep shooting and perhaps inspire a bit as well. Thanks so much!

      1. hi Flem – trust me, I'd love to get back up there (as I keep saying) lol. The next month is looking very busy for me with a couple of other quick trips interstate plus work to pay for it ! One thing though, is that from Melb, it's cheaper to fly o/s than to the NW (crazy how big aust is hey !) So… I always think that when I do return, it will be on another lap around Aust 🙂

        So if we can't meet up in the outback//deserts somewhere oneday then maybe elsewhere or even beautiful Vic !

        happy traveling 🙂

  6. stumbling through the door Kramar style again haha.

    been quite crook Flembot so have not had a chance to get on here and wish you well.

    Good to see you're underway, must very nearly be True North departure time for you. and good luck with the underwater stuff- it's a very different experience haha. finding the balance of air in your body so that your as close to neutral as you can be- but still with enough air to get back to the surface. very fine line sometimes haha.

    thanks very much for including me in your post too! I have already said it many times but i'm very much looking forward to the masterclass here in the Pilbara! I still hope to pop on up to Broome and James Price Point on a weekend when you're up there. so i'll keep an eye on when you get across there wouldn't it be grand if Mr Middleton could make it too….. come on Tony! 😛 haha

    take care on your travels, and of course enjoy yourself. you've been a busy man, looks like you're going to be even busier. but it's all coming together for you man. it's good to see 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Stephen, thanks for the support. Hope you're better! I'll be in Broome from Wed 17th and for about two weeks is the plan. Caaaarn Tony, come meet us 🙂 Must be short, True North departs tomorrow and I am so behind on sleep thanks to my old nemesis – jetlag.

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