Nomad Magazine issue 1 – Home

It is exciting to present my first publication, a magazine called Nomad featuring stories and images from my on-going journey as a nomad photographer. The first story of Nomad focuses … Read More


Changes. I feel my blog has become stale over the past months and a change is needed. I no longer wish to feature any sort of boring self-promotion (I am … Read More

Farewell Australia

I have been living in Australia for more than six months, with two awesome trips to Papua New Guinea and Cambodia thrown in. It is however now time to part … Read More

Forever Changing Part II

Months ago I wrote Forever Changing, this post is a continuation. It is also inspired by my friend and Jedi brother Christian Fletcher and his great recent post about Art … Read More

Forever Changing

Travel enough and you will eventually meet yourself. I recently read that somewhere but I doubt it is possible to meet an ever changing self. I am changing every day. … Read More

Nomad Photographer Part II

Presently, I am quite close to engaging the hyperdrive on part II of my life as a nomad photographer, a life entering it’s second year. In actuality part II was … Read More