Farewell Australia

I have been living in Australia for more than six months, with two awesome trips to Papua New Guinea and Cambodia thrown in. It is however now time to part ways for a while as I switch lives and spend my summer in Copenhagen.


rottnest-fbj-dive I have created a life in Australia during the past 6 months and it has been by far my best ever visit, meeting so many amazing people, making new friends, and having life changing experiences. The list of incredible experiences is long. Great times in Broome, Fremantle, Dunsborough, Kimberley and Rottnest. Life on and in water is probably what has changed me the most. I am now addicted to water, why this post is littered with images of me near or in water (thanks to Greg, Mark and Charlene for the images). I lived on Mark’s boat for months in Freo harbour. I had incredible trips to Papua New Guinea and Kimberley on board the world’s best ship, the True North. With Mark and Lee-Anne I had the pleasure of many trips to the amazing Rottnest Island, water heaven. I swam, snorkeled and practiced free diving nearly every day for 6 months. And I scuba dived!

bye-australia-fbj-fishing Without sounding too much like an Oscar acceptance speech, I must thank a few special people. Mark, The surf-dive-swim-boat-stitch-master, the one and only True North Markie Mark, Mark and Lee-Anne – thanks so very much for all you have done for me. I can never thank you enough, what amazing times we’ve shared. Nigel and Helen, amazing friends, and what a fun Christmas we had. Christian and Jen Fletcher, Christian my Jedi brother, we shall rule the universe together. Charlene, fellow photo and sci-fi geek and dear friend, may the force be with you till we meet again. Dave, fellow Kimberley explorer and Epicness Inc member. Greg and Maria, Ken and Jeanne, four great friends from the True North Fantastic Fishing Team. Thanks to the many people I have met in Broome, in Freo, at various exhibitions and on True North etc, it has been a blast!

flemmingbojensen-boat Living a rather crazy nomadic schizophrenic life, I now pause my Australian life for a spell and press play on my Copenhagen life; something I look very much forward while also feeling quite sad about leaving. Someone please clone me. We have big plans in the making for the FotoFreo festival in 2012 so if not before, I shall see you all then.
Farewell my Australian friends, see you soon friends and family in Denmark.

Live long and prosper. Beam me up.

– F

(I wish I could be beamed up instead of spending 26 hours on airplanes and in airports)

30 Comments on “Farewell Australia”

  1. Have fun mate. Great to meet you!
    Safe travels. You never know what’ll be next in store over that perfectly straight horizon!
    Safe travels and see you back Down Under soon.
    Cheers buddy.

  2. Safe journeys my friend. We shall see you when we see you, whether in situ or on the road (hopefully the latter).

    I can’t believe Bo Kelly didn’t make a repeat appearance on this post 😉

  3. You are one crazy, irrepressibly fantastic photographer and all around great guy, Flemming. I hope we will meet again and you can relate all the wonderful places and adventures you’ve had.

    Have fun in Copenhagen and we’ll continue to follow your blog, mate!


    Steve and Allie

    1. Hi Steve and Allie! Thanks very much, it was such a pleasure to meet you as well! Hope our paths cross again some day some place in the world. Looking forward to the book Steve 🙂

  4. See you another day, FBJ. I hope your time here has left you the same, but different 🙂 Keep tweaking those adjustment layers of your photographic personality – add/delete/adjust until you get it how you like it, be it in Copenhagen or who knows where.

    Looking forward to viewing and reading, with just the occasional comment.

  5. No goodbyes from me mate, because you’re just over there and thankfully haven’t left my world.
    When the time’s right, come back here and teach me some more stuff! Please ………

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