Always be Amazing

Canyonlands, Utah, November 2016. An infinity of opportunities with a rather long possible fall. The life of a nomad couple.

I promised to write a blog post about my 7 years as a nomad, back in November 2016 when I actually had the 7 year anniversary while we were in the US. It seems I am a bit slow, lacking time and inspiration (not excuses it seems!) to find the angle on this story but I gotta get my act together soon and write this before year 8 anniversary of this nomad life comes around.

One thing that never changes: This nomad lifestyle has some incredible highs and some rather low lows. Last Sunday was one of the lows. Let Charlene tell you the story here, in her new Hundred day diary. I am angry, frustrated and scared of a world that can conspire to keep us apart. But they will not stop the signal (to quote Firefly for a change). When the world hands you lemons, smash them, add booze and kick ass.

Another thing that will never change in this time-travelling life in a world that becomes more afraid of itself every day: I will cherish and appreciate every day I can be together with the love of my life, Charlene. Being able to be together in the same place is a right for most people, but not for us. Yet. Nomads by choice and by necessity.

…oh, last thing that won’t change – me quoting from Doctor Who:

“Don’t give up.
Not ever. 
Not for one single day.
Be safe if you can be.
But always be amazing.”

– Clara Oswald in Doctor Who

4 Comments on “Always be Amazing”

  1. That highlight of C’s cap is wonderful in the dark empty spaces of the canyon. It’s like an anchor of certainty in a deep sea of the unknown

    Also, let me mention that I reviewed your portfolio retrospective from a few posts ago several times with great joy. I used to (on a very small scale) shoot some live music events and have a deep appreciation of your spectacular images. I’ll be looking forward to your “Time Lord’s Recap”… hopefully sooner than later.

    1. Thank you Greg, “an anchor of certainty in a deep sea of the unknown” is a fantastic description.

      Thanks also very much for the compliments on my portfolio, that means a lot!

      Yes, I better get writing 🙂 I dreamt about the 7 year blog post actually so who knows, it might happen soon!

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