The Blue Box and The Red Sofa at the End of the Universe

Been knocking about for a bit already this year. Things to do, people to see, places to be – as always. Different projects, different places, different moods, different versions of me. This is but a few fragmented tales and images of the past few months. Began the year in cold winterstruck Copenhagen. My first Copenhagen winter in 4 years, and yes suffice to say, not really my favourite time of the year in Copenhagen. Was just about as horrible, no maybe a bit worse, than I remember it. Being with friends and family was always, very nice. The neverending paradox of having a life in a place where I do not wish to live, outside of Summer. So I pretend I have a blue box, a TARDIS and I time-travel.

Then I briefly spent a few days defrosting in the Florida sun; attempting and failing to connect with Miami. The sun was warm, my mind was cold and dark. Apparently I had forgotten that I hate big cities, especially when feeling exhausted and down. A longer Miami story with more images to come. Not the best of times for me, so I time-traveled.

Miami SoBe skater

Went to amazing Guatemala for a spell. Learned a language, made many pictures, worked with an NGO, hung out at the local market where you can buy everything from fruit to goldfish in a bag to latest Hollywood movies. Donated a few liters of blood to Guatemalteco mosquitoes, inhaled incense all day long photographing the rather spectacular processions – and drank many a cup of the worlds best coffee. Much more to come, a return to Guatemala must happen as this country touched my soul in some ways.

Guatemala market


PPresently I arrived in New Mexico. Several projects to do here, first of all, recharge internal power supply. Fortunately I am staying with my great friend Laura Gerwin in her wonderful house, which like a TARDIS is bigger on the inside and a happy place, featuring presently two dogs and a cat and a fish and a time-traveler. I am doing promotional videos for Renaissance Art. Am shooting stuff with Daniel Milnor, some kind of followup to Una Pura Verdad. And, the long awaited followup to Cowboys & Aliens – Mad And Magic Raving II tour with Charlene. New Mexico is wild and crazy and enchanted and quirky. We had epic clouds on my first day here, proper end of the universe clouds.

NM loco magic

Finally, it somehow feels completely natural to find a red sofa in the middle of nowhere of the enchanted state of Nuevo Mexico. Well, it was just outside of Santa Fe on a rather gorgeous and stormy day. Red Sofa at the end of the universe, in wild and crazy New Mexico. A very fitting place for a time-traveler to hang out. Goes well with my time-machine, the blue box.

FBJ hanging out in Santa Fe NM

Still a lot of running and time-traveling to do. And more stories to come from all of these places as I get a look at the images and write some tales. Later. Much later. I struggle mightily at the moment with posting any words or images online, struggle with the whole idea of being online at all, struggle with my writing and photography, struggle with reality not feeling real. Disliking having any online version of myself. Paraphrasing Bilbo Baggins, I need a very long holiday…from? well I do not know. Stuff to figure out, deamons to pacify, reset buttons to push, hence the fragmentation. Oh well. Onwards and forwards! Vamos. Hasta luego amigos.

18 Comments on “The Blue Box and The Red Sofa at the End of the Universe”

  1. Hej Flemming. Vi tager den på dansk, ellers går det helt galt. Helt fantastiske billeder fra Guatemala. Hvad der dog ikke sker i billedet med rocksanger-typen, specielt den lille mand i safari-tøj. Der er kunst i den helt store skala, og så står vulkanen endda i baggrunden. Det er noget det bedste jeg kan huske at have set, og jeg har dog trods alt bladret mig igennem mange hundrede numre af N.G. og et utal af fotobøger. Bravo!
    Jeg har skrevet det før, men gentagelse skader aldrig. Det er rart du er sprunget ud som menneske med følelser og tvivl, frem for den sorgløse, rejsende nomade. Men lov mig, at det ikke bliver alt for sort, og der går Michael Strunge i den 🙂
    God ferie fra medierne, og velkommen tilbage, når du er klar. Og fortsat god rejse.

    1. Hej Gert, tak for din kommentar. Er glad for at du kan lide billedet fra markedet, tak for de meget pæne ord! Jeg er også selv ret vild med det billede. Tak!
      Mit sind er grundlæggende mørkt og trist, så når jeg er i det hjørne, så skinner det igennem. Og har besluttet at leve, skrive og fotografere uden filter.

      1. Kun prisværdigt. Tankevækkende i øvrigt, (jeg melder mig gerne i feltet) at alle “os” der har så travlt med at rejse og leve har et mørkt sind til syvende og sidst. Gert.

  2. That red couch in the middle of nowhere = gold! Laura has quite the menagerie – dogs, cats, fish, time traveler. How come you get taken out for walks and the rest of them don’t? 😉

    1. Because I am a special time traveler 🙂 The dogs do get taken out as well every day! The fish is not so mobile, it is a big tank, and it seems my suspend water in air gizmo is broken just like everything else.

  3. Buenas tardes, mi companero de ruta! NM would make a fine home-base to return to after those planetary excursions of yours – and everywhere/everything/everybody seems rather alien to me since leaving the place.
    Might I suggest a one or two-week sojourn to the once great, and still very worthy, plains of N. America… say NW Nebraska? There’s no hiding there. No where to run to but within. Lost in a universe of undulating switchgrass. A surprising wealth of native critters await your coming.
    Love the color in your pics. Guatemala numero uno is particularly surreal; is that Bilbo Baggins I see on the far left?

  4. The sky’s all doomsday clouds and wires. The earth all anchored steel. Every bird is holed up for the full duration and the dust, even when it gusts, is layin’ low – and there he sits unfazed, the blue box jedi traveler, his own thrown casual over the rolled arm of a couch, a weathered red velveteen couch, as if this were just some Kerouac deal, a jazzy beat storm of west coast slang trimmed with rage, and not what he knows it really is: the terminal core of space and time, the red couch at Andromeda’s end.

    what a great post, FBJ, thanks

  5. The third photo is my favorite as it seems timeless, I think you must have time travelled back a few hundred years for that one,cobble stones, smoke, great capture….
    only you could find a red couch in the middle of nowhere and look completely at home, maybe the red couch is your new Tardis in disguise.

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