Cowboys and Aliens

Tough young rider at Indian Rodeo in Albuquerque attending an injury

From standing inside a dish at the Very Large Array to standing on the SpaceWay at SpacePort America to shooting a rodeo to attending the Pie Festival in Pie Town to shooting a documentary about Daniel Milnor. Most of it while traveling on our Cowboys & Aliens road trip with Charlene, in a Dodge Avenger named the RaveMobile featuring the sickest car sound system I have heard. New Mexico is Wild. Mad and Magic Dreams. Dreams become reality. Spiced with some cumbia bass from Copia Doble Systema and Copyflex in the RaveMobile. The first few weeks in New Mexico have been full on busy and full on fantastic. Presently I am living in Santa Fe, busy editing the documentary, more to come.

There’s an underlying current of untamed unfiltered raw wildness here in New Mexico. It is very appealing. I doubt there is anything like it in the States. New Mexico is the state most have forgotten to remember, where the west is still untamed, where life has not been filtered, never quite settled, still wild and uncontrolled. I want and need places like these, like a tractor beam they suck me in, the anarchy and the energy fuel my very being, the freedom of this place, this life enables me to be who I want to be. Filters in my life are no longer welcome, all the horrible lows and all the wonderful crazy highs have to be true and unpolished.

Taming the beast means you also tame the beauty.

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