Things that happened to me on my 901st birthday

Nine hundred and one years old time-traveling jedi. I am still a young time-lord although at times I do feel my 900 years of mileage. I had a birthday. A splendid one actually, thanks to my friend Charlene Winfred, who made my day and made these images of incredible stories I added to my Journal of Impossible Things on my 901st birthday. Muchas gracias mi amiga por un día fantástico.







Life seems to happen to me in cycles and waves. This 901st birthday was a much needed change. It appears the tide is finally going slowly out and I am drowning less. The past 3-4 months have been primarily plagued by long stretches of bad luck, bad karma, bad decisions – or decisions that seemed ok but turned out to be really bad. I have learned that there is just one thing to do, keep moving onwards and forwards and wait for a new cycle. Hopefully the tide is now changing. At some point it will be possible for me to fly to the stars again.

“I think I am way past strange. I think I am probably incredible.”

– Doctor Who

23 Comments on “Things that happened to me on my 901st birthday”

  1. Happy birthday little buddy! You don’t look a day over 899 mate!

    Awesome photoshop work in some of those shots mate…very cool!

    Get the lovely Charlene to give you another cuddle from me! 🙂

  2. Looking good there, Flemming.
    Nice to hear you were celebrated – and dude, your hair is growing american in the good sense 🙂
    Whats the red light at the observatory pic?

  3. De nada, amigo. Anytime. 901 is a significant milestone and I’m glad it turned out muy epico. I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to organise the fireworks brigade down to VLA to make it really awesome… but it did take me a while, plus all manner of cajoling to get them to move the antennas into that configuration. Exhausting stuff.

    Ok, I’ll stop talking to you on your blog now and go talk to you in real life, seeing how that doesn’t happen too often either!

  4. Nice shots! There really is something about you and a time machine. I see James Dean in those pictures, and they can’t be fake, because that kind of jeans has not been seen since the fifties. Happy to hear the waves are lifting you up again 🙂

  5. Happy belated Birthday, o timelord! This is an amazing series of images, it made me smile and laugh, and I hope you’ve had an awesome time out there with all of these things. All the best to you for the next 901 years!

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