Quiet Beat of Tangier

Mirror me at Café Tingis, Tangier, Morocco.

Mirror reflection at Café Tingis, Tangier, Morocco.

Quiet. Not a word I thought I would ever use to describe the infamous city of Tangier, Morocco. Yet apart from a nearby fountain where carpets and clothes are washed around the clock, our home the fantastic Dar Jand is in the old medina of Tangier, away from the madness of the new part of town, and actually fairly … quiet.

Been here a few days, continuing the Mad and Magic Raving around the world with Charlene. We have been visiting joints like the famous Dean’s Bar, following in the footsteps of Beat writers like Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, and had tea at Café de Paris of Bourne Ultimatum fame.

I find myself nursing a coffee or mint tea for hours at Café Tingis or on our magical rooftop terrace, letting months of intense work and Mad and Magic Raving in Copenhagen sink in and form as stories in my journal of impossible things. It is good to be on the road again. No plans, no agenda for Morocco except to experience. Experience the mad melting pot of people and culture in the new part of town, the old and narrow streets of the medina – and the surprising quietness.

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