The Story of a Boy


Story of a Boy who Stares at the Stars Wishing for the Universe.
Story of a boy who wanders the world in a pretend time-machine.
Story of a boy who re-invented himself and became what he always was.
Story of a boy who never wants to grew up.
Story of a boy who wanted to be Luke Skywalker.
Story of a boy who exists in both light and shadows.
Story of a boy who could never quite be healed.
Story of a boy, very old, very alone, very kind, and the very last of his kind.
Story of a boy who never stops dreaming.
Story of a boy who always stares at sunsets.
Story of a boy who can fly as long as he never looks down.
Story of a boy who always was a boy.
Story of a boy who now has no strings, Gepetto.
Story of a boy who stole a time-machine and ran away.
Story of a boy who runs when the shadows catch up.
Story of a boy who lives a sad, strange, dark, mad and occasionally very magic life.
Story of a boy who still has a lot of running to do.
Story of a boy who found magic. Mad and Magic Raving. Yes, found magic.
…This is the story of that boy.

FBJ at Rio Grande - by C copy

Presently I’m living the story. Documenting the story. Some day in some universe I may even attempt to write the whole story, right from the beginning of the time-traveling days. Some day when I learn to write. Until then, the above are just scattered sentences from my Journal of Impossible Things.
The wonderful time-traveler portrait by fellow time-traveler and Mad and Magic Charlene Winfred.

It is a mad, dark, weird, scary, strange – and wonderful and magic world out there. Onwards and forwards. So much to see.

14 Comments on “The Story of a Boy”

  1. Quite a story this boy has. Good thing he has a journal of impossible things. All that tremendousness wouldn’t fit into anything less.

    And damn that’s a fine portrait of you. Whoever took it must have a fandme fantastisk camera!

  2. Life awaits in ambush. You never know. The great mystery – and great blessing – is how we seemingly stay one question behind “the” answer.
    Onwards and forward. Forever. Amin.

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