905th Birthday Bash in Berlin

Berlin, The Magic One and Potzdamer Platz at night, it was about minus 254 degrees cold but we made magic for you guys. Shot with my X-T2 and special flare edition 18mm F2 lens! How do you get it to flare like that you ask? Use it for 5 years every day all around the world, bang it around inside your bag, never use lens caps. Then apparently, it will start flaring with extra awesomeness!

First there was 901…then followed by 902 and 903…then the world held it’s collective breath and were amazed by 904 that took place in 4 countries…now we bring you: the time-lord’s 905th Birthday Bash in Berlin!

Charlene and I were in Hannover, but thanks to a nice birthday present from my dear mother (tak mor!) we were able to go on a birthday bash trip to Berlin. This was to be a pure holiday for us, 4 days of food, fun, wine and sightseeing. We packed super light, and for the first time in 5 years we did not bring laptops. I repeat, we did not bring our laptops, now that is proper holiday mode for us! We run several companies and the laptops are our lifeline and we need to be online for our clients, but this time we allowed ourselves to just bring cameras, phones and my new tablet. Traveling with just a shoulder bag is a first, and awesome.

We had just had a couple of 20+ degree days in Hannover, but Berlin decided that a Viking feels more at home in windy, wet and cold conditions. Holy iceberg it was cold! We walked 8-10 hours a day for two days all over Berlin and we walked fast to keep warm and added in many coffee breaks. I have only been to Berlin once before on a short business trip in my previous life back in 2005, and it was great to be back. It is such an interesting city, a melting pot of history and culture. We played tourists, walked around a lot, found some great birthday burger meals for me and had great coffee, wine and booze. We rode the U2 U-bahn line. I even shot a few pictures, so I will let those do the talking, do read the captions.

Having no common residency, every day Charlene and I can spend together is a gift, especially on a birthday. Thank you my love for some wonderful days, and that birthday card was perfect!

Und auf wiedersehen Berlin, I really want to come live there for months, heck, maybe years. See you soon.

PS. That amazing dome in the Reichstag – will be next time. Turns out there is a 3 week wait or so to book a time slot to go up there!

For some reason, this TV tower is so iconic for me, in my mind I have these images from record covers, Bowie images, Wim Winders movies and I am pretty sure I made up most of these images! Anyway, we went to Alexander Platz and I realised that there really was nowhere I could get the shot I had in my head – proof that I made it all up.

Observe, a food picture and unlike last year, no camera strap in the photo!
Zsa Zsa Burger at Motzstrasse made my birthday burger and did an awesome job – highly recommended! If you are in Berlin, check them out: www.zsazsaburger.de

If goofing around with cameras paid well we’d be millionaires. The Magic One shooting me!

The view from the Magic One. Unlike me, she can goof around with cameras and still make awesome pictures.

Wings of Desire starring Old Grumpy Time-traveler. Wings courtesy of Mexican embassy!

Reichstag. Perhaps the only half decent photo I shot in Berlin – apart from the picture of my burger!

Brandenburger Tor gets the thumbs up from the Magic One!

Potsdamer Platz is quite epic, I really like the middle building. Incredible what was built here, when it was a complete wasteland just a short time ago.

“Hah, 905 is no age at all for a time-traveler, I hardly feel a day over 904!” – picture by Charlene

Charlene is not only a world-class photographer, she is also a world champion in photo-bombing!

There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes. – Doctor Who

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  1. Congrats on your 905th birthday!

    Since I just spent a week in Berlin (were we there at the same time?) it would be fun to see more of how you describe this city in your photographs. You can take really good portraits of your friends in smoky bars, until your friends tell you: “You can’t show this picture online, because I have officially stopped smoking.” 🙂

    I like Berlin; compared to Stockholm it’s a true metropolis, and at the same time more laidback and relaxed.

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