Notes from my Journal of Impossible Things – April 2013

Journal of Impossible Things

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From New Mexico, a random collection of notes and news from the past 6 weeks – from my Journal of Impossible Things. Many things good and bad have happened, not many dull moments in the life of a time-traveler. I cannot seem to get my head around writing anything at the moment. Whenever I try to put letters together they fight me and sentences end distorted not saying what I intend. There is an electrical current running through me blocking the signal. So here are some random sentences and images, hopefully allowing friends and followers to catch up.

FUJI X-Photographer

fuji-flemmingbojensen copy

Fuji Japan asked me to be one of their official FUJI X-photographers and I am happy and proud to be part of the team. My portfolio features some of my favourite images captured with my two Fuji X-cameras. Also by mistake – mine – it features the same image twice as my brain is scattered – all over the world. I am doing some interesting projects working with Fuji Denmark in Copenhagen soon, this is shaping up to be a great partnership, stay tuned for updates.

Una Pura Verdad II

Daniel Milnor and I were planning to make a followup to our movie Una Pura Verdad in March. Unfortunately the sewer line and plumbing system at Dan’s house decided to implode, taking 13 days to fix, leaving no time at all for us for any filming. It was a great window of opportunity missed, but nothing could be done, es lo que es, Una Pura Verdad II will be made one day, soon or not so soon maybe. Must admit to being terribly disappointed, just bad luck, a broken sewer line does not care about our movie – but I invested time and money and hope in this and it just piled on top of months of badness happening. Some day Una Pura Verdad II will happen. All good things to those who wait. Did I mention I have no patience?

Mad and Magic Raving in New Mexico Part 2


Charlene Winfred and I just finished a 3 week whirlwind magical Mad And Magic Raving road trip around New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Living life free with no filters, burning brightly, chasing magic and stories at full speed, staring at sunsets, blasted by sandstorms, chilled by snowstorms, fueled by music, magic, madness, laughter and the many incredible people we met along the way. It was truly magical. Kinda hard to stop, want to take off again as I am typing this. A mix of emotions, immense joy and hope, sadness and withdrawal after so much epic magic. Thanks so much C. Words do not really come to me right now, perhaps at a later time. This was just the beginning of the Mad and Magic Raving around the universe. It is amazing to feel the light shining in my mind again after too much darkness. Light, magic, and looking forward to the future.

There will be some forthcoming great content, still and moving, coming at some point from this trip. Oh and I turned 901 years old. Still a young time-traveler, so so much to see, you watch us run and chase magic!

The epic image is my capture of Charlene at Arches National Park in Utah.

Four Times Around the Sun

4 times around the sun

One year ago I wrote the story Three Times Around the Sun. In normal Earth human time I am somehow now on year four of time-traveling. How did that ever happen, it seems surreal. Feels like I took off yesterday, feels like I took off four hundred years ago. Experiences, emotions, so many amazing things to saviour, so many terrible things to run from. When I regain some writing mojo look for my upcoming story quite possibly titled … Four Times Around the Sun.

Epic image of me at Monument Valley captured by Charlene.

13 Comments on “Notes from my Journal of Impossible Things – April 2013”

  1. Hi Flemming – Thank You so much for amazing photos and writings – leave me on a journey to places I haven’t been. Happy to follow…’

  2. EPIC stories and pics as usual mate…you crack me up! Sounds like you and the lovely Charlene had a ball…well done mate…keep up the positive vibes and you will be spirited away on many new adventures!

  3. As it always seems to be with you, 2013 so far has been a series of tremendous ups and downs. It has been for me as well, although I am hoping my particular variety of downs don’t keep happening, or I may not survive anywhere near my life expectancy – that would be drastically failing the potential of my cells!

    But I am very glad the tide has turned for the better. Good work to do, places to go, people to connect with, the future to hope for – essential ingredients of life. Imagine what could happen when you turn 902!

    See you elsewhere in the universe amigo. Keep shining.

  4. Just catching up here but it looks to me like you are quite living my friend ! Yes there’s that bummer about next vid of Una Pura Verdad (i am certain you and Daniel will make it happen eventually) but you my friend just had an amazing birthday from what i’ve read plus this thing about Fuji is quite awesome – gotta say ! Enjoy the ride and add only amazing stuff to your, what’s shaping to be, epic journal of impossible things. That i wish you again and again and i only hope universe will keep up with you crazy dreamer 😉

    1. Hi Radek and thanks. There was a LOT of bad stuff, that I will not write publicly, but some magic has turned things around presently. Thanks for following the crazy dreamers 🙂

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