So Many Pixels…But A Name is Missing

I am planning, plotting and possibly scheming. I have two and a half months to implement my plan. I must not fail. Blog land depends on me. I need your help.

phase one - blog It is a late summer evening and quite humid as I go for an evening walk in Copenhagen. The hypnotic rhythm of walking calms my thoughts, the air feels summery warm and my ipod is wired to my brain. Suddenly a terribly bright light blinds me. I am approaching an office with a somewhat familiar logo. Whom do I know again who goes on and on about this company and their digital backs? Who will surely never stop boasting of this megapixel wonder every second in Papua New Guinea. Who can it be? I want to turn away but cannot. I stare at the logo, forever lost in time and the surely billions of pixels that make up the logo. Yet something is missing. The image may consist of many pixels but it is not whole. It is not complete. They are confusing a detailed image with a good image.

What is missing? My name of course! I am the best landscape photographer in Denmark and I do not get sponsored with as much as a Phase One beer bottle opener (I am sure they have plenty, their offices are close to Carlsberg). I am a nomad photographer and could test the Phase One in all conditions around the world. I am the upcoming star of Further and Further. Indeed this is better:

phase one - fbj

Flemming Bo Jensen, a Phase One ambassador

I need your help dear reader. Surprisingly just being me has not brought Phase One around knocking on my door (perhaps because I have no door). What angle should I pursue to become a Phase One ambassador and bag a free camera for my Nomad Part II adventure? The only way to beat the Fletcher with his Phase One in PNG is to have my own Phase One but for free! The best suggestion wins a Phase One bottle opener and a priceless image of one Christian Fletcher in PNG giving my free Phase One the evil eye.


Apologies for this inside joke, it may not make much sense to most readers. Phase One produce, among other things, a Phase One medium format camera with a 65 megapixel back. A camera used by the likes of Peter Eastway and Joey L and one Christian Fletcher (something us poor blog readers have had to hear about till our ears fell off. Well, eyes really).
Incidentally, I find it very fitting that I shot these images of the office of many pixels on a very crappy camera phone.

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  1. Walk into their office in board shorts, a ratty shirt and thongs, with your Canon and go "I am the best landscape photographer in Denmark. The next Joey L success story. You did it for Christian Fletcher, surely you need worldwide coverage?"

      1. That is a plan! Tell you what, you do that, and I walk into a RED office and do the same thing. Well, I might leave out the bit about being the best landscape photographer in Denmark, for obvious reasons 😉 Between us at least one of us should walk away with something!

        1. "trust me, you want a RED camera in this doco"

          Hahahahahah, I'm sure they will be begging me to take a RED Epic + extras home after that pick up line! :DD

  2. Flemming,

    You need to ask yourself what real and tangible benefits are there for them if they decide to sponsor you? Why you? After all these guys will want a return on their investment.

    So………………….. once you can answer those questions, perhaps it will then be time to make an appointment with them, and of course don't accept no for answer. Then provide them with the overwhelming proof that they will get a good ROI by providing you with a camera.

    Maybe approach them and suggest a trial, ie can they loan you a camera for the PNG trip? Remember they are a business not a charity. 🙂


    1. Hi JamieBot 🙂 Thanks for the well thought out suggestions. It's just a joke though, a piss take mate 🙂 Unless they come to me I am perfectly happy with my 5D Mk II and 5D Mk III when that comes out.

  3. My first thoughts are a balaclava , hand gun , and fast getaway car. This is a fairly risky strategy and may upset your plans for PNG if it goes pear shaped. Although seeing as they probably get 10 requests a day for the same thing your after, maybe it would be the best option.

    Best if I come up with something else I think, just in case it doesn't go according to plan. 🙂

    I will be close to your home town in a week or so Flemming, but no quite close enough to drop in an say hello.

    1. I like your thinking Merv, if I can get Charlene to film it, it will also be an exciting start to Further and Further documentary! If it goes well, PNG should be a perfect place to hide out. It's a shame you don't get quite close enough to say hello, have a brew and help with the heist!

  4. Well Flemming, if I owned Phase One I would be looking for a new fresh face to represent my company's movement forward – some of those old gnarly faces they have as ambassadors now are just not pretty enough 😉 The next thing to consider is a whole new look for the company itself and if you believe rumours, maybe now is a good time if they are the ones being bought out ( ) So prepare a case for "Phase Two – The First Ambassador" and to misquote an ex Australian Prime Minister – "Go all the way with FBJ".

    Otherwise I'd go with Merv's suggestion. HTH.

    1. A new Fresh Face that goes Further and Further. Yes Muzz I think you hit the jackpot there, that must be exactly what they need! Fresh pretty face. Do not quite know about the last quote there though 😉

  5. Flemming, mate, Phase are fussy with who they get behind and do you know something, they are offering the same deal I got to everyone at the moment. Thats right, I'm not really an ambassador for them as I thought I was. So here is my suggestion, go in with a hand gun get yourself a free camera and get my money back! To say I was a little bit miffed at not really being special is an understatement. If I knew that the price I got was going to be the standard a few months later I might have looked at what the opposition was offering, especially as the week I signed up with Phase, Hasselblad was on the phone with an offer for me. Sometimes it pays to wait. Still, do you really want to be owned by someone? You are free now mate, stay that way and you will be happy.

    1. Well that sucks mate! I shall use Merv's machine gun idea and get your money back and myself a camera and some lenses. Cannot believe they treat ya like that. You organized a mutiny on the Bounty and you're a world class surfer and they treat you like a nobody. I'll get your money.

      And you're right, owned by no one, under the heel of no one, free forever.

  6. Yeah Medium Format Cameras don't really hold there value like a Dslr so you have to buy with the knowledge that you will lose shitloads of money walking out the door, the thing is the cameras sell themselves really and the companies arn't very big, look at the new Hasselblad H4D-60 on Luminous Landscapes a guy said he was told he would be waiting upto a year to get his! hell I waited 6 weeks for 40 cos they ran out and were on holidays…

  7. Good one Flemming, let me know when you are about to implement Merv's plan and I'll mail some cigs to Denmark's high security jail 😉

  8. Lets hope you don't go with my master plan, I don't want to be responsible for what happens to you in the slammer. !!!

    BUT …. if you are crazy enough to carry out this once in a lifetime chance to get a PhaseOne for nothing, please let me know in the next couple of days before we leave for Europe as I would go out of my way
    (into another country) to grab a couple of still shots of the heist,
    ( from over the road of course , I don't know you , I've never heard of you, I know nothing, just in the right place at the right time 🙂 )
    It would go down well on the blog I'm sure.

    Yours an ideas man Flemming !!!

  9. and you didn't get a shot of yourself, sitting there, bumming out the front?? here I was thinking i'd already given you an awesome idea on how to get one…. hehe 😛

    and lol at Jamie having the serious response haha.
    you old man you Jamie! 😛

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