Dreamers of the Day

My words are not flowing today so I shall borrow freely from T.E. Lawrence:

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.


I am in pursuit of dreams and acting upon them, eyes wide open, no blinking. Dangerous it is. To me, to people close. The image is from White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, USA. Captured during an epic sand storm of Arrakis proportions, illustrating my passion of desolate ethereal otherworldly ‘scapes.

Escape in Landscapes and Further and Further to the Edge acting upon dreams; there is no other choice but to follow this path wherever it leads me and suffer the consequences.

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  1. You know the first time I realised that White Sands Nat. Monument existed, was after watching a Boyz II Men music video (Water Runs Dry http://bit.ly/9JmMi0). Hehe. I was flabbergasted, and couldn't believe such a place was real. Having never seen it, I've always wondered what all that crazy white sand would look like under a bright, full moon. Or even a really clear night with the stars out.

    Love the image above. I can totally imagine what your home world looks like between it and this one: https://flemmingbojensen.com/photo/sandstorm-a… 😀

    1. That video is hilarious, I had never seen that before. All those sweeping crane and steadycam shots, haha. White Sands is quite spectacular and your eye cannot quite decide whether you're walking on snow or sand as it is perfectly white. I must admit to being somewhat disappointed, having been to Namibia every other sand dune in the world pales terribly and the White Sands dunes are very small. That makes them easier to scale though and when the sand storm hit I got amazing shots. Have to walk for hours to get away from foot prints making finding the car again a bit interesting. I had 4 wildly different days at White Sands, 2 with a storm, 2 with completely calm (boring) conditions. They close the park one hour after sunset so people do not get completely lost in the darkness, quite unfortunate for photographers. You can pay a ranger by the hour to stick around but I chose not to. I think it is possible to camp in there, I shall investigate that next time. Looking at the White Sands images now it draws me back but I long more for Namibia, White Sands is not quite as magical as my images of White Sands are whereas Namibia far exceeds my images!

      My home world is definitely a mix between this: https://flemmingbojensen.com/photo/sea-of-sand… and this: https://flemmingbojensen.com/photo/kings-of-wa

      1. Gotta love those old music videos 😀 They're so epic without being so. (But i think I'm really going to want a steadicam at some stage! and a crane too. Haha!)

        White Sands not that large? I would never have guessed looking at your images of them. Respect!

        I look forward to your next attempt at this.

        P.S. Have you watched this movie called The Book of Eli? I just did the other night and omigod. In love with everything about the cinematics! So much about it reminds me of Equilibrium, yet visual and tone wise it's the opposite. Great stuff!

        1. Yeah big sweeping crane shots will be good for epic scenes in Further and Further 🙂

          White Sands still covers more than 700 km2 and is gorgeous and spectacular. It is just in comparison to the sea of sand in Namibia that White Sands is small with tiny baby dunes.

          Wondered if Book of Eli was worth renting, now I shall definitely pay Blockbuster a visit!

  2. Wow. You da man. This photo is awesome. It has an amazingly dreamlike quality yet it still retains detail in the foreground. I think this is my favourite FBJ shot.


    1. Thanks very much Jamie, highly appreciated. Wow, your favourite FBJ shot. I remember you also favourited Sands of Time from Namibia and a sunrise shot I had at Karijini. Cheers mate!

    1. Hi Dave and thanks so much. I was at White Sands back in the beginning of April, presently in Copenhagen waiting very impatiently for my 31st of October flight to PNG. I did hunt for a good Yucca plant image at White Sands and shot some attempts but I did not really nail one, they're ok but not magic.

  3. Flemming,

    While I love the photo in this post it is your words that truly catch me off guard. At a time when I am at a personal cross roads the are meaningful and inspiring all in one. Even though you did not feel like writing your choice of words said volumes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    1. Cheers Muzz. I think I am still digging sand out of my hair and ears from this shoot, the wind was fierce but the results so worth it. I love Mother Nature at her most dramatic.

  4. This is brilliant Flem ! Great light, proving it doesn't have to be twilight. The form and textures of dunes diminishing into the infinity of the encroaching sand storm is perfect. Love it mate and up with your best work !

    tone 🙂

    1. Thanks Tony, welcome back 🙂 It doesn't have to be twilight it just has to be dramatic I say. Any dramatic weather at any time of the day will work. It's the plain days that are useless.

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