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I am continuing my learning process of cutting videos and finding it fun and very creatively addictive. In an adrenaline rush of a few hours of inspiration I produced a short piece of drama of my visit to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, USA. I really recommend watching this in full screen, headphones on and volume at 11. The music here is key:

The sand storm made conditions somewhat trying to say the least, the winds were so fierce they knocked me over at one point. But it was a blessing, the sand storm made for some outstanding images. Storms are my friends when creating images. Storms provide the grandeur and drama. Storms turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I love Hans Zimmer’s dramatic score for Inception and I let the music completely dictate the editing. I am on a video editing high and wish I had a lot more footage to play with. I kick myself for travelling around the world and not capturing much video at all. I was not yet into creating videos myself and it is hard to do while simultaneously capturing stills. I still really wish I had captured so much more. Well, all in good time, Papua New Guinea is coming up, so is Further and Further and I am presently creating a short movie with two friends. Many more moving images to come!

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  1. Great stuff Flemming, really like the first minute or so with the video footage..could watch a video of the sand blowing over the dunes for hours i rekon haha.

    What do you use to do your video editing? finalcut?

    1. Hi Matt and thanks so much. Yeah I wish I had much more video footage of White Sands. Like waves crashing ashore on a beach, that sand blowing over the dunes is hypnotic.

      I want to learn Finalcut Pro but for now it is Adobe Premiere CS5 (one big advantage, you can edit 5D Mk II compressed files with no converting, for FCP you must convert first).

  2. awesome as well Flem.

    if you're gona be doing future video's of that quality I very much look forward to them! 🙂

    i agree with Matt, that sand blowing across the dunes is freekin incredible.

    top stuff!

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