Insomnia. Sleep completely escapes me this night. My mind is wide awake while my body is very tired. No use fighting a loosing battle against a hyperactive mind racing at hyper speed. So I created this image:


Wyadup Rocks in Western Australia at dusk one magical Friday in February 2010. Magic exists although briefly. Yes the moon is real, from the original shot although slightly enlarged here. The rest is kept dark and true to the original. Wyadup Dreams. Listening to Great Lake Swimmers:

Is gravity the same for you?
Or have you fallen deeply too?
Into the light of a dream
Like unison falling into harmony

Goodnight Wyadup.


35 thoughts on “Wyadup Dreams

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  1. Charlene 11 years ago

    " Yes the moon is real"

    Haha, you knew that would be the first thing that some of us would ask!

    Love how the whole image appears to be swirling towards the left corner. It is magic. Further and Further dreaming.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks mate. It does have an otherworldly look to it and I hardly touched the image, it was already magical. Just woke up, managed about 5 hours sleep in the end, now feeling slightly zombie.

  2. Zane Paxton 11 years ago

    Awesome and evokative image full of mystery and delight!

    1. Zane Paxton 11 years ago

      PS: Love the color on the water; that really makes it!

      1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

        Thanks very much Zane, glad you really like it. One of those undiscovered raw files that suddenly calls attention to itself browsing back in old files.

  3. Tony Middleton 11 years ago

    Fantastic motion and mood in this one Flemming, very hypnotic ! I know your battle all to well my friend…

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Cheers Tone, judging from the reactions I should develop more images at 3am at night.

        1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

          …and one is in the great 'tweener' zone between sleep and awake. Good zone for creativity.

  4. Tim Wootton 11 years ago

    Very nice Flemming! Water motion in the foreground is a nice lead into the image.

  5. Eric Leslie 11 years ago

    What can I say other than this would make a wonderful LARGE print. Love it!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thank you Eric. My developing images at night seems to be a good project. Actually I always work most creatively in the middle of the night, it just means I really get no sleep, always behind on sleep :/

      1. Zane Paxton 11 years ago

        Yup, me too. It's 3:39 am…

  6. Stephen Williams 11 years ago

    love the water motion too.

    damn that sleep huh, since I moved up here I don't think i've slept past 5am, catching up to me it is especially as I never get to bed at a reasonable time haha. need to buy more sun blocking objects to go over the window….. and perhaps a way of shutting up the neighbours dog…. hehe 😛

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      thanks mate. My sleep comes and goes in cycles. Mostly I sleep great and fall asleep in two minutes but always wake up early no matter when I go to bed. And I dream heaps.

  7. Tim Wrate 11 years ago

    Incredible image here Flemming! WA certainly has some of the most unique landscapes in this vast land I call home… Just wish I could spend more time over there!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thank you Tim. Yes WA rocks, so many beautiful spots. Which is why it is such a tragedy if the Kimberley is ruined forever.

  8. Luke Austin 11 years ago

    very well put together Flemming. I think the moon is just the right size for the image. Maybe 3am processing is the way to go

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      thanks Luke. 3AM creativity is the best!!! If I wasn't so bloody tired the next day I would do all images from 11pm to 4am – I am so much creative at that time. But then I wake at like 8am feeling like Death.

  9. dave bettini 11 years ago

    Beautiful. Haunting and surreal. Well done Flemming!



  10. Andrew Brown 10 years ago

    Very nice mate, like the mood created by the dark tones and moon. Don't know about processing images at 3 in the morning. I'm just getting over processing nappies at that hour!

  11. mervfrench 10 years ago

    Hi Flemming

    I've got a little catching up to do on your blog , but a quick look has revealed some pretty handy shots.

    Well done mate looks great.


    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Cheers Merv, look very much forward to more comments from you on my older posts that you missed 🙂 You must read them, it's gold! I am dreadfully behind on blogs as well, trying to catch up.

  12. muzz 10 years ago

    Another example of your skills in bringing out the best in another one of our “unremarkable” coastlines 😉 It is certainly a dreamy landscape and for some reason I was thinking it needed a lady on a unicorn – it has that sort of mystic folklore-ish look about it. Great work.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Cheers Muzz. It is "unremarkable" the gas hub will really brighten up the place :/ I like the lady on a unicorn idea as long as there is no Enya soundtrack to accompany her 🙂