Destination Papua New Guinea

I am presently in Cairns, Australia after a grueling 38 hours spent in the air and in airports. Human plane technology needs a serious upgrade and I need my own Millennium Falcon, going to the other side simply takes far too long. One of the downsides of having travelled so much the past three years and now living as a nomad, is that travelling itself has lost all mystique and excitement. Road trips through gorgeous landscapes I still love, but I do not really need to visit another airport nor passenger airplane for the rest of my life. It is now not a holiday nor a trip, it is my life, my work and simply terribly boring and wearing transport to travel in the air.

The destinations promising new creative opportunities, new cultures, people and horizons, are the prize. Saturday sees me boarding the magnificent True North vessel along with “True North Mark“ Stothard and Christian Fletcher. I plan to capture images and video almost non stop, I must make the most of this exciting venture. I thought I was going offline for a week but it appears Mark is jacked in always so I may be able to post an image or two along the way. I do not anticipate beating Mark at his game, ‘post the most images in a single day’. Now ‘the most words posted in a day’, yes let us play that game. I also plan to play the ‘better let me operate your Danish camera, I understand the menus” game with Christian and his Phase One.

PS. I had the perfect picture in mind for this post. An old black and white image from PNG, featuring a beautiful warrior with a bow and arrow, standing proudly on a mountain in PNG looking out over the jungle. I saw it in a blog post about the top photographic must-go-to locations. It was a beautiful image but alas as I cannot find it you will just have to dream it.

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