Very Large Array Timelapse Trials

Timelapse Trials

I recently created a small movie from Very Large Array in New Mexico, featuring stills and my first timelapse sequences ever captured. Do watch this in fullscreen and HD, headphones on and volume UP:

I spent four days at the fascinating sometimes magical Very Large Array on the San Agustin Plains in New Mexico, USA. I captured a lot of still images and I captured my very first timelapse sequences. These are those sequences.

I had only a very cheap intervalometer bought in Thailand. It turned out to be rather useless, crashing every 5 to 10 minutes. The reason why these clips are so short! The clips also suffer from flicker, something I need to learn how to remove. But it is exiting to take my very first steps in timelapse production, very addictive.

Captured on Canon 5D Mk II and Canon L lenses. Music by John Murphy from Sunshine soundtrack.

Rapture by Tom Lowe – Timelapse Perfection

Tom ‘Timescapes’ Lowe has recently posted the trailer for his upcoming movie TimeScapes. It redefines the word awe and the movie promises greatness, a new Baraka. Tom is the Jedi master of not only timelapse but ethereal landscape video. His technical skills are so perfect they have become transparent allowing his artistic skills to shine unhindered. Turn up the volume, load it in HD and fullscreen and click here to view Rapture by Tom Lowe.

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